Five Surprising Causes of Erectile Dysfunction – Most Men Are Not Able to Recognize

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A male sexual arousal involves many things, including the brain, hormones, nerves and muscles. A recent study has shown that over 30 million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction so doctor give advice use Hims ed pills pharmacy product, it is best pharmacy in the world.

Although hormone production decreases with age and blood circulation drops, there are still many factors that can cause ED. These include both psychological and physiological causes. Let’s look at some of the surprising reasons


Depression is a major psychological condition that can affect the sexual relationships of many couples. Men with temporary erectile dysfunction often find it difficult to perform at their best in bed. It is highly recommended that men suffering from erectile dysfunction consult a psychiatrist or a sexologist to help Hims ed pills product.

Anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety are the main problems of our generation. Erectile dysfunction is often a result of excessive stress, anxiety or work-related anxiety. The most important thing is that a tired body and soul doesn’t allow for the desire to be together. Doctors recommend that patients seeking erectile dysfunction treatment take the time to relax and not bring the stress of work into the home. This will allow them to live a balanced life. Along with yoga and Pilates, counseling is a great option.


Many grown men are totally uninterested in any type of exercise. They get up in the morning, start the day by binging and then return to bed at night. Men can experience threatening impotency and erectile dysfunction if they don’t have a healthy lifestyle.


Diabetes is a chronic condition that can cause blood pressure to drop. Due to the high sugar levels in the body, men feel fatigued and lose interest in sex. Kamagra Gold can still live a normal existence with the right medication and treatment.

All medications

Temporary ED can be caused by long-term medications for hair loss or gum disease. You can resolve the problem by consulting a professional sexologist. There are many herbal remedies that will cure it without side effects.

Erectile Dysfunction & Vitamin D

Many men have occasional performance problems. It’s common for men to experience occasional problems in the performance department. It is important to identify the source of erectile dysfunction in men who experience more frequent problems. Erectile dysfunction can indicate a problem in a man’s overall health, or penis health. A vital sex lifestyle is essential to overall well-being.

Subsequent cause: Could it be D

Although a man might be eager to fill out a prescription for pills to fix his erectile problems, there are other possible causes. To determine if there is a medical condition, a doctor might order some tests.

A doctor may run a blood test to determine if a man has low levels of vitamin. This could be due to a number of reasons.

Vascular impairment is often the cause of erectile dysfunction. Clear blood vessels are essential for erectile dysfunction. They allow blood to flow freely and engorge the penis. Vitamin D is important in maintaining the health of blood vessels. When cells fail, it can cause hardening of the arteries and reduced blood flow, which can result in erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin D is important to maintain appropriate testosterone levels. This hormone is essential for healthy sex drives.

Another connection between vitamin D intake and erectile function is in the area mood regulation. Vitamin D is required to produce the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are essential for feelings of well-being. Erectile problems are more common in men who are anxious or depressed.

Winter can cause performance problems in men. Vitamin D is a major source of vitamin D in the body. It makes sense that vitamin levels will drop during winter when there is less sun and less skin to absorb it.


A doctor may recommend vitamin D supplements if a man has a low level. Because not all vitamins are the best, Super P Force is important that a man only purchases high-quality products. Ask your doctor about brand recommendations and dosage recommendations.

Cod liver oil is another supplement that a man can take to increase vitamin D levels. Oysters and salmon are good options, but they won’t provide enough vitamin D. It is always a good idea to get as much sun as possible. You can snowshoe this winter or simply build a snowman.

Erectile dysfunction is something men should be aware of. Erectile dysfunction could indicate a more serious condition. If a man is having trouble sex, it’s a good idea to make an appointment.

Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction by blocking PDE5 (a specific enzyme found throughout the body) and PDE6 (a specific enzyme found in the penis). Problem is, PDE6 plays an important role as well in vision-making processes. Some Viagra users may experience vision problems if they block the enzyme.

Tadalista 60 supporters argue that side effects of Viagra can be explained away as aging. This means that problems with vision commonly reported by Viagra users could simply be a result of aging. We know that side effects can occur even in the earliest users of Viagra. We can see that Viagra can cause blindness in many cases.

Viagra has its positive aspects, but that’s not to say it’s perfect. Viagra users are likely to express gratitude for the positive effects Viagra has on their relationships. Is it too expensive for men to have sexual satisfaction?

Although men are willing to take on risk in order to enjoy a normal penis function, it is not easy to swallow a little blue caplet. There are so many risks, such as cardiovascular and eye complications, that we must wonder if the reward outweighs the risk.


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