Five Services Every Popular Tattoo Franchise Must Offer

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The tattoo industry has managed to grow within a short period because several passionate entrepreneurs believed it to be as profitable as the other sectors – digital marketing, fashion, healthcare, etc.

In the past, starting a tattoo business was considered an incredible act because how can anyone expect to earn money by inking designs on human skin, right? Over time, however, it has taken quite a huge leap and emerged to be the trendiest entrepreneurial option of all time.

Now, if you have already opened a tattoo shop, and it is driving decent traffic every year, you can be satisfied. Is the worm of ambition in your gut not letting you feel so? Well, then introduce the below-mentioned services, and climb up one more step in the success ladder.

  1. Glow In The Dark

The professionals owning a huge tattoo franchise said glow in the dark style is a bit controversial but still exists on the universal level. Although similar to the traditional designs in terms of appearance, they illuminate when there is no light.

Nowadays, one does not use phosphorus to attain radiance, so the dark tattoos’ glow is deemed safe. The harmful chemicals are now replaced with pigments that react to the UV lights.

  1. Disappearing

The people who have their tattoo shops open for a prolonged period said disappearing designs are perfect if one loves ink but hates its permanent nature. The pigments are manufactured in such a way that they fade and then gradually vanish after months or at times weeks.

  1. Hyper Colour Realism

Hyper colour realism features exceptionally realistic and brightly coloured themes, especially elements of nature. They can be inked into the skin with a single needle, and often, black shades are used to add depth.

  1. Three Dimensional

Three-dimensional or 3D tattoos give the illusion of being within a body part of above the skin. They require additional work with light shading in the correct areas, or else the design would not, unfortunately, pop out. Be prepared to spend a little more than your set budget.

The names of a few renowned 3D tattoo artists are Nikko Hurtado, Roman Abrego, Parvick Faramarz, Mister K, and Benjamin Laukis. To admire their masterpieces, please visit their social media accounts.

  1. Embroidery

Embroidery tattoos involve patchwork design sewn in the skin. They are still created in the normal way – with a tattoo machine, needle, and a wide range of inks. The style aims at mimicking the cross-stitch texture. One may get flowers, birds, cartoon characters, or objects from everyday life.

Knowing how to start a tattoo business is not enough. You must also be aware of the ways to make it the best in a locality. Besides providing the services stated above, please comply with the safety protocols.

The artists, who wear high-grade gloves, sterilise their workstation, use disposable needles, and throw the trash in bins, are obviously more popular than the messy ones with no care about sanitation.


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