Five Reasons to choose High Security Locks

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If you’re concerned about the security of your current locks (as many people are), you should think considering replacing them. Many traditional locks aren’t as secure as you would believe. Some burglars utilize “bump keying,” a form of cylinder manipulation, to open your existing locks from the outside.

Many people turn to high-tech gadgets like burglar alarms, computerized access control, and camera systems to improve the security of their house or workplace. The simple locks that keep the door locked are frequently forgotten. On the most basic level, these locks are the physical security that protects a building and stops invaders. Many people are unaware that their door locks are the weak link in their entire security. One of the most effective ways to strengthen this vital security area is to use high-security locks. Invest in high-security locks to avoid this issue. They’re pick-resistant, have bump-proof technology, and no one can duplicate their keys. Here’s some more information on the benefits of high-security locks. Most importantly, visit best security safe review to find the most suitable safe models for your precious stuff.

The top five reasons for using these high-security locks are as follows,

Key Control with a Trademark

A restricted keying system should be used by all good high-security locks. These keys will be unique and can only be copied or replaced by a certified locksmith who has been given permission to do so. Because all of the forms are so similar and there are no proprietary patents, ordinary keys can be simply copied by anyone who knows how. A restricted key system is used in most high-security locks. Only authorized locksmith dealers can copy High-Security Keys, which are patented. Signature verification can also be used to prevent the key from being reproduced by an unauthorized individual. If you’ve ever given someone else your keys, you know what I’m talking about (i.e. automotive repair, valet, housekeeper, etc…) You can’t be certain they didn’t copy your key. Most keys may be copied for less than $2 at a local hardware store. This is avoided with a high-security key, which allows you to keep a tight grip on who has copies of your house or business keys.

Hard to Pick

Standard locks may be picked easily.  Lock pick sets are readily available on the internet, and with a little practice, you’ll be able to unlock locked doors in minutes, if not in seconds. Pick-resistant technology is used in high-security locks to prevent a person from picking the lock. On the high-security key, some of the pick-resistant components are clearly visible while others are hidden within the lock. Even the most patient of robbers will be unable to break into today’s high-security locks due to the pick resistance features incorporated. Some versions have visible changes on the surface, but more defenses are hidden inside the locks themselves.

If you have a regular key, it can be duplicated anywhere, anytime. However High-security lock keys can only be copied with the proper identification at a licensed dealer. When copying this type of key, dealers of high-security locks are required to follow strict legal processes. They must check your identification against their records, verify your authorization, and keep track of each key cut. A high-security lock ensures that no one other than you has access to your house or business.


Protect against Drilling

High Security switch lock systems are Drill-resistant cylinders and constructed specifically to withstand drill attacks. Creating a shear line between the inner cylinder and the outside housing is all it takes to open any lock. On most locks, this can be accomplished by drilling a hole towards the top of the cylinder with a tiny drill. Drilling a small hole in most locks takes only a few seconds. This forms a shear line, making it simple to open the lock. If you think no one knows about this, you’re wrong. Criminals and thieves are aware of this and take use of it to gain access to homes and businesses in a couple of minutes. Also, a tool kit box will be required.

An average lock can be readily broken by drilling a hole in the top of the cylinder and causing a shear between the inner cylinder and its surrounding housing with a regular drill. High-security locks are specifically intended to withstand such methods, and no amount of drilling will force these locks to open.

Protect against Physical Attack

High-security locks have reinforced striking plates as well as an interlocking deadbolt in some cases. When it comes to protecting your house or business, these security features are a must. The majority of burglars are aware that they can simply stroll up to most houses and kick through the door. This is because most households just utilize a knob lock or a cheap deadbolt to secure their doors, making them a weak point.

When confronted with a challenging lock, determined criminals may resort to using physical force to gain entry. For this reason, high-security locks now include stronger striking plates that are complemented by an interlocking deadbolt. They won’t be able to breach the door even if they can’t force the lock open.


The construction of high-security locks is just superior. All the components in these locks are made of brass and steel. It is critical to have a strong lock to safeguard your door. Using a high-security lock ensures that you receive the best possible service and are adequately secured. Finally, high-security locks are just constructed more effectively. They’re made of the highest-quality materials that cannot be easily tripped or broken.

In Short,

Our homes are our safe havens, giving us shelter and security, while our businesses provide us with the revenue we need to survive. We should feel comfortable and secure in these areas, which may be achieved by combining High Security switch lock system with nice doors and windows. Invest in a lock with patented key control to avoid lock duplication, picking, and other security difficulties. Thieves are astute; if they see a high-security deadbolt or another form of latch, they’ll know not to waste their time trying to get in. Even with a unique latch, it’s critical to maintain track of your keys. Almost a third of all burglaries are perpetrated without the use of force. Mei Lock provides a complete solution for your security and hardware component needs. Call for details.


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