Five Common Mistakes Amateur Poker Players Make

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The online game of poker has evolved throughout the years with players ultimately becoming more knowledgeable as compared to the earlier generation. The introduction of strategic tools has allowed advanced players to dig deeper into their gameplay and explore the best possible solutions for each situation. In-game statistics and third-party applications have likewise become a standard addition for regular grinders, bringing the competition to a whole new level for non-professional players.

Considering the tougher playing field, beginner-friendly platforms such as Natural8 have recently garnered a much wider audience given its target market of recreational players. The trusted platform now stands to be Asia’s largest online poker room while providing access to the third highest-ranking online poker traffic via GGPoker Network. Aligned with its main focus to make poker fun again, Natural8 restricts the use of third-party software, making it the most viable option for amateur players.

Aside from significant advantages and beatable games in leading platforms, players new to the scene will have to keep in mind additional notes if they wish to become a winning poker player in the long run. Highlighted below are some common mistakes amateur poker players make and how to essentially avoid them.

Hand Selection

More often than not, amateur poker players make the mistake of playing too many hands, especially with those more accustomed to the live scene. While folding may seem boring, being too loose also means putting yourself in trickier spots post-flop. Recreational players searching for excitement can be faced with substantial losses that could have been avoided. Being selective with starting hands will not only result in an easier decision-making process later on, but it will also give the player a higher win rate. For players new to poker, researching proper hand ranges in it can already be a huge step towards a profitable journey as well as getting a better sense of the game.

Bankroll Mismanagement

Proper bankroll management is another factor to keep in mind when starting an online poker career. With a wide variety of stakes and games available on today’s leading platforms, it is very easy to get tempted and jump in on tables ideally too high for your bankroll. Playing above your bankroll’s limits could lead you to burn through your deposit all at once, all too fast despite playing your A-game.

While poker is undoubtedly a skill-based game, there are still risks and variances associated with its nature. Innovative features such as Natural8’s All-In Insurance for cash games allow players to gain more control of a hand’s results. This feature gives the player with the upper hand an option to reduce his risks of a bad beat and still get paid even when he does lose the hand. Players who are more risk-averse can take advantage of this unique feature and utilize it to keep a healthy and stable bankroll.

Controlling Tilt

Like any other competitive sport, poker can trigger an array of negative emotions for many players. Tilt, as they call it, is a poker player’s worst nightmare and has the ability to take a toll on anyone’s session. Winning players learn how to control their emotions and continue playing their best by understanding that some losses are inevitable even if the right decision is made. This practice usually takes a lot of time and skill to master. Sadly, many amateur players find themselves making poor plays as a result of being too emotional. Taking a short break when you find yourself in a terrible situation can go a long way and greatly alter your results.

Aside from this simple practice, players who constantly face tilt issues are welcome to utilize platform features such as Natural8’s Smart Betting system, which is available on mobile devices. Embedded with a machine learning algorithm, the Smart Betting system suggests a series of bets in-game based on your personal patterns, thus providing a more reliable option when players are blinded by their emotions.

Overvaluing Medium-strength Hands

This common mistake has a correlation with improper hand selection and could cost amateur players a run for their money. Regular players greatly take advantage of these situations by dominating less skilled users and pushing them to put all of their money in with a marginal hand.

Calling off with top pair weak kickers, baby flushes facing a huge raise, and overvaluing small pocket pairs are some examples evident in both virtual and live tables. Amateur players tend to see these as the “nuts” and lean towards taking an aggressive line. While these hands do have decent showdown value, overvaluing them only diminishes their value and pushes players with better hands to scoop up the pot. The best way to avoid this mistake is to actually follow proper ranges and learn from past mistakes.

Fixed Strategy

While amateur players are capable of making good plays, they tend to take on a fixed strategy and apply it to the majority of their situations. What appears to be lacking in this mistake is the ability to adjust to an opponent’s tendencies or actions. There are numerous factors that can affect every hand in a poker game, which make two spots to be somewhat different one way or another. Studying the situation and assessing all contributing factors is the most profitable way to make an optimal decision.

Natural8, for one, pushes its sizable recreational player base to take the most appropriate action by providing a glance of an opponent’s run and VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot) percentage. The Smart HUD shows an illustration of a player’s current session in four varying levels and displays other statistics, giving a general overview of the opponent. Using these as part of your strategic advantage can result in more winning sessions, and most likely, a better gaming experience.

Taking into consideration the common mistakes listed above, the next step is to take the plunge and dive into the world of online poker action. Getting started on a platform is fairly easy, especially with Natural8’s free sign-up deal as well as the package of promotions for new users. New players ready to jump into the virtual action are entitled to special promotions worth up to $1,599, which include a 200% Match Bonus, freerolls, and various challenges that offer them that much-needed headstart on building their bankrolls.


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