Find Out All the Difference Between A Cat 7 And A Cat 8 Cable

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Wireless connection indeed has its own charm. However, for fast connectivity, you cannot deny the advantages of a wired connection. For example, a cat 8 ethernet cable or a cat 7 can amplify the internet speed and performance by a considerable margin. It will boost the overall internet experience in a lot of ways. 

However, if you are looking to install a data cable and have no idea about them, it’s fine. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by various ethernet cables available, like Cat5, cat6, Cat7, Cat8, etc. 

Presently, Cat 7 and Cat 8 Ethernet cable is making a strong presence in the market regarding efficiency and compatibility. So, if you are confused about which one you should choose or what the differences are between the two, read this article to know more. 

A General Overview On Cat7 and Cat8 Cables

Before deciding to buy, it’s essential to know about these cables in detail. So, without much further ado, let’s check out a few basic information that you should know about these ethernet cables. 

Cat 7 Cable

A cat 7 ethernet cable connection is used as the infrastructure of Gigabit ethernet. It offers a nice speed, up to 600MHz. It’s a really good choice for your smart home. Moreover, after the installation of the cable, you can also opt for an automation idea. It supports High-speed ethernet communication up to 9 to 10gbps. One of the most exciting features of this cable is that it’s backward compatible.

Furthermore, it also provides you with a 100meter 4 connector channel with shielded cabling. If you want to make them a full shield system, then they require twisted wires. Moreover, a proper SSTP or shielded twisted pair eliminates alien cross-talk with much-improved noise resistance. So, if you want to get higher speeds, then it’ll be a pretty good choice. 

Cat 8 Cable

On the other hand, category 8, or Cat8 ethernet cable, is a different cable standing than its predecessors. It supports up to 2GHz frequency. Moreover, it is also limited to up to 30 meters 2 connector channel. Like its predecessor, it also requires shielded cabling. 

One of the primary reasons for getting this would be, it can support up to 35-40 Gbps speed. Overall, it has a similar physical appearance to the lower category ethernet cables. In addition, it also has backward compatibility. Therefore, you can use this cat8 with previous version connectors, like Cat7. 

Here’s A Detailed Comparison Between The Two Ethernet Cable

One of the significant things you have to keep in mind before comparing is that both of these cables are a great choice, no matter how you look at them. However, you need to pay attention to the transmission frequency as well as cable length as well. 

1. Performance

As for performance, a Cat 7 Ethernet cable provides up to 600MHz. On the other hand, Cat8 offers around 2000Mhz, clearly superior.

2. Comparison Of Cable Length

Cat7 network cable can be maximum at 100m with 10gbps. However, Cat8 is only 30m but offers 25-40 Gbps speed. 

3. Price

As for the price, Cat8 costs more than any other standard connection because of its unique features. 

4. Comparison Based On Shielding

Both of this ethernet connection has shielding cable construction. A Cat7 connection has shields with higher operating frequency than its previous cable, cat6. It has more extensive shielding.

A Cat8 cable also requires shielded cabling. Moreover, unlike the cat5 or 6, the market doesn’t provide an unshielded twisted pair with this cable. 

A Cat7 has non-RJ45 as connector type, whereas category 8 has class I RJ45 and Class II Non-RJ45. 

Summing It Up:

So based on these above differences and comparisons, you can choose the one you want. It’s all about choosing the one that fits your requirements and offers maximum data speed.


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