Features And Benefits Of Aluminum French Windows That You Should Know

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For decades now, aluminium has been a reliable material used in construction. Its versatility and strength have increased its applications and popularity among builders and designers. What started as a minimalistic adoption of aluminium in frames and panels within small houses has evolved into a style statement with a metallic finish used widely across personal and commercial spaces.  One of the options is the aluminium French windows! 

Here are some benefits you should know about.

Features of Aluminium French Windows:

1. Aluminium Is Stylish and Highly Customisable:

Aluminium is available in different types and products. Many people feel it is not a classy product since it is cheap. However, aluminium windows and doors are designed using high-quality construction-grade aluminium, which is sturdy and has a neat minimal design. 

Earlier aluminium was available with only a hardwood sub-finish and in limited colours. But now, thanks to powder coating and spray paints, you can get aluminium section windows or French windows in any shade or hue you want. Additionally, aluminium is highly malleable, which means you can customise it to find your unique style. 

2. Aluminium is a Great Insulator:

Aluminium doors and windows don’t have chamber style insulation like uPVC frames do. However, there are thermal breaks built onto them. A thermal break makes for a small gap or space between the window pane’s inner and outer faces. Since air is not a strong conductor, it stops the heat from escaping the room. This makes aluminium window panes and doorframes thermally insulated and highly energy-efficient. Some manufacturers also add insulation polyamides within aluminium frames to help them comply with zero-energy consumable building codes.

Gaskets are also installed along with aluminium doors and windows to enhance thermal insulation. Aluminium is very reflective and effectively wards off solar radiation, which makes it great for buildings and houses in the Indian subcontinent.

3. Aluminium Works with Both Vintage and Contemporary Buildings:

One of the primary features and benefits of aluminium is that you get many choices for frame depth. This makes it a leading choice while creating home extensions or even refurbishing traditional buildings. Aluminium also looks great with different materials and varieties of its hardwood, stone or mullions. This makes it perfect for both traditional and contemporary architecture styles.

4. Aluminium Has a High Thermal Expansion Coefficient:

Metals contract or expand when there are even slight temperature changes. This is because these metals don’t have a high coefficient of expansion. Aluminium, on the other hand, has more stability than other metals like iron and doesn’t change even with changing temperatures. The addition of thermal breaks further ensures heat or cold won’t affect that aluminium.

5. Aluminium Windows are Low Maintenance:

Aluminium doesn’t support the growth of pests or insects unlike wood. Even though it’s a metal it does not corrode, which means aluminium window door design maintains the aesthetic of your house for longer.

If you are looking for a versatile, aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance material, aluminium French windows are the way to go.


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