Facts To Keep In Mind While Applying For Graduate Visa 485

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Have you recently completed your studies from an academic institution or with some special skills and knowledge? If yes, then, apply for the temporary graduate visa 485 right now! This visa allows you to work, study and reside in Australia after the successful completion of your studies. This visa lets you stay in Australia between a period of eighteen months to four years. Although, applying for the visa subclass 485 is quite hassle-free but it’s worth applying in a strategic manner. This is because as an applicant, you definitely want to ensure the best outcome concerning your student visa application.

Important things to remember!

It would be best if you apply for the visa subclass 485 within six months of your course completion. Make sure that you are residing only in Australia while lodging the application of your graduate visa 485. However, before you start applying for your 485 visa, there are certain things which you should keep in mind. A checklist of the crucial facts to remember while applying for the Subclass 485 Visa can be considered below.

    1. Partners and Family Members!

Did you know that you can include certain family members of the temporary graduate visa 485? These include your partner as well as family members. However, both you and your eligible family members should be the holder of a substantial health insurance scheme. Aside, all of you should meet the pertinent character and health requirements. After your visa is approved, each of your eligible family members can enjoy the same rights to work, study and reside in Australia like you.

An essential tip!

While submitting your Subclass 485 Visa application, make sure that it is error-free and complete. The Department of Home Affairs will find it easy to verify and approve both yours and your family members’ applications submitted. In case changes are made after the lodgement of the application, it would only delay the outcome of your visa unreasonably.

    1. Expansion of employability!

To the best of suggestions, try and find work pertaining to the same field in which you have graduated. As a result, your professional connectivity in Australia will ramp up to a great extent. In this matter, the significance of the Professional Year Program (PYP) is worth acknowledging. This type of course provides you a hands-on experience about the sector in which you have graduated. This led myriads of overseas graduates of ICT, Engineering and Accounting to apply for their pertinent PYPs effectively.

An introduction to the Professional Year Program!

A Professional Year Program (PYP) chiefly stresses upon enhancing the in-demand problem resolving and communication skills in you. As a result, you will become way more eligible in the employment market of Australia than before. This happens when you will complete the pertinent traineeship program successfully. Basically, this kind of internship program builds a substantial bond between the academic and professional life of the applicant.

    1. English language criterion!

While applying for your visa subclass 485 you should meet the English language requirement effectively. According to this criterion, you should obtain the desired score in certain English language tests. These include the following:

    • PTE Academic Test: To qualify in this particular test, you should obtain a net score of 50 points. Your minimum score for this English competency exam should again be 36. Make sure that you obtain this score in each of the four components of English. These include speaking, writing, reading and listening.
    • IELTS: If you are applying for the IELTS test then you must obtain a score of 5.0 to the minimum. You need to obtain this score in each of the four areas of English i.e. listening, writing, reading and speaking. Aside, your net score for this particular test should be 6.0 and not less.

Before appearing for any these English language tests, you must assess your pertinent eligibility criteria painstakingly. It will help you decide that which English language test is the most appropriate for you. You can also hire a top-notch migration agent Adelaide to get the best assistance about the same. After assessing your current circumstances, your migration agent will tell you that which English test is right for you.

    1. Health Insurance Requirement!

This is one of the most crucial eligibility requirements of the 485 visa Australia which you must remember unfailingly. According to this criterion, you should be the holder of a substantial health insurance cover. Otherwise, the risk of your visa refusal or cancellation will increase to a great extent. So, make sure that both you and your family members are holding the Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC). You need to obtain this health insurance cover only from an authorized health insurance provider.

The correct visa stream!

The 485 graduate visa is comprised of two individual streams. These include the Post-Study Work stream and the Graduate Work stream. So, it is imperative that you to opt for the visa stream which is the most appropriate as per you current immigration status. A quick introduction to both these visa streams can be considered below.

    • Post-Study Work Stream: Overseas students who have obtained a graduate, postgraduate or doctoral degree from Australia can apply for this visa stream. It lets you stay in Australia for two to four years depending on your circumstances.
    • Graduate Work Stream: Students who have graduated with specialized skills and qualifications relevant to an Australian occupation can apply for this stream. It lets you live in Australia for eighteen months!

To get more information about the 485 graduate visa contacts the best migration agent in Adelaide right now!


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