Quick Tips to Export Database to SQL Script

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In this given article, we will know about the methods by which you can export database to SQL Script. The article will illustrate the different methodology of exporting data to .sql file. Generally, it comes to see that users mostly search for the same, so we have decided to come up with this write up to fulfil the user’s need.

Help me!  I am a SQL Server user, using it from last few months. Now I am in a situation where I need to export SQL database to SQL script. But I Don’t know the exact procedure. Can any suggest me a simple and reliable approach for the same. Any help will be highly appreciated!

If you are suffering from the same problem, so let’s get to know how to do that-

Approaches to Export Database to SQL Script

Below we have provided the descriptive steps of both manual as well as automated solution to convert SQL database to .sql file. Users can go through them and proceed to export process. But keep in mind, the manual steps will works only if the database is free from corruption or in a healthy state.

Step to Export Database to SQL Script Using Generate Script Wizard

  1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio in your system.
  2. Search for the desired database you want to script out, and then Right-click on it. After that click on Tasks>>Generate Script..
  3. On the Generate and Publish Scripts screen simply click on the Next to proceed.
  4. Now, from Choose Objects Window, select either Script entire database and all database objects or Select specific database objects option from the screen and hit the Next
  5. Here, on the Set Scripting Options page, check the checkbox for Save Scripts to a specific location option and click on Advanced to configure the additional options and press the Next.
  6. Next, preview your selected data on the Summary page, and then click the Next.
  7. At the end, hit the Finish button to close the Wizard.

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Expert Solution to Convert SQL Database to .sql File (100% effective)

Though the manual method can complete the task  but it  also has some drawbacks too such as, it is very complicated and chances of human error are so high. While executing this method users often get confused. Sometimes it happens that the database files get corrupted. At such times taking the help of third-party utility software like SQL Repair Tool is the best way to do that. This software directly export database of SQL Server to SQL file without any change in the original content.

Working Steps:-

  1. Download and run the tool.

Export Database to SQL Script

2. Load MDF database file using Open button.

Export Database to SQL Script

3. Choose scan option and server version.

4. Preview data and click Export button.

Export Database to SQL Script

5. Choose SQL Server compatible script option and click Next.

Export Database to SQL Script

Here are some of the noteworthy features of this tool, let’s have a look

  • Repair corrupt or damaged MDF (primary) and NDF (secondary) database files.
  • Maintains data integrity throughout the process.
  • Installation of Microsoft SQL Server is not mandatory.
  • Compatible with all Windows OS versions including the latest one.
  • Allow to export recovered data to CSV file, SQL Scripts.
  • Option to export data to live SQL Server present in the same machine or over a server network.
  • Option to save the scanned MDF file in .str format.
  • Compatible with database files created in any version of SQL Server.


After reciting the above discussion, now we know the exact process on how to Export Database to SQL Script. However, We are also aware of the drawbacks of the manual procedure. Besides this, we have tried to resolve the limitations faced in the manual method with the best SQL repair software. By using this software users can easily SQL database to .sql file without any hindrance. The application is easy to use and offers a simple GUI to its users.




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