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Luxury travel is the finest way to explore all the blessings and treasures of the world in the most majestic manner. Luxury Egypt tours are the ultimate way to make some incredible memories through the tremendous allure and grandeur of Egypt’s immortal miracles located within the heavenly cities of the city of wonders Cairo, the pearl of the Mediterranean sea Alexandria, the city of royalty Luxor, the mythical city of Aswan, the divine land Sinai, and the exotic city resort of the red sea Hurghada.

Egypt is one of the most affordable travel destinations in the world where everyone can experience an incredible luxury vacation at very affordable prices. Egypt is a true traveler’s paradise filled with everything a world explorer is looking for, from rich culture to an incredible history that dates back to more than 4500 years. Egypt will provide a true sense of Luxury and excitement with every step across its majestic lands and waters.

Best Attractions to Explore During Your Luxury Trip In Egypt

Egypt is a piece of the heavens and the cradle of Civilization filled with a number of rare and unique attractions found all over the country. It is known to be home to a number of magical monuments and artifacts that date back more than 4500 years from Prehistoric, to Pharaonic, to Archaic, to Greco-Roman, to Medieval, to Coptic, to Islamic, and modern times.

In the city that never sleeps is a number of legendary monuments such as the great Giza pyramids complex and the city, Cairo became known as the city of minarets due to the number of Islamic constructions such as the Cairo citadel of the sultan Salah El-Din, the golden Bazaar of Khan EL Khalili, a number of captivating mosques like Ibn Tulun Mosque, Hassan Mosque, Al Azhar Mosque, and more unique attractions like the hanging church, Abu Serga Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, and more.

The bride of the Mediterranean Sea is the keeper of a number of unique Greco-roman monuments such as the catacombs, Pompey Pillar, plus the ancient Qaitbay citadel, and more.

All around the deep south of Egypt in Luxor and Aswan is a number of legendary constructions. In the city of heavenly beauty, Luxor is the valley of the kings, the holy Karnak Temple Complex, the beautiful Hatshepsut temple, and more. In the lands of stories and divinity Aswan is some famous monuments such as the beautiful Philae temple, the unique Kom Ombo temple, the temple of victory Edfu, the great Abu Simbel Temples of Ramses the great, and many more. The epic red sea will offer every traveler a magical chance to relax and enjoy a tropical vacation in a true luxury fashion.

What Is the Best Way to Enjoy A Luxury Vacation in Egypt?

Egypt will provide a true sense of meaning and belonging and offer everyone the chance to make their dream come true. The best way to enjoy a true Luxury vacation is through booking a travel agency that will prepare the most ideal Egypt itineraries and all the finest 5 * accommodations, restaurants, transportations, Nile Cruises, and a number of fun activities plus the best service and care of the most professional and skilled team of tour guides, drivers, and tour operators.

The travel agency will dedicate all of its power to make sure all of its clients are enjoying all means of comfort and joy from positive welcoming to plush comfortable beds to delicious gourmet meals, best exploration Egypt tours, and many more products and services designed to make you enjoy the most amazing luxury holiday. It is known that the average price of Luxury Egypt Tours ranges from Tours is between 850$ and 1755$ without including the prize of the international flight ticket.

What Are the Best Luxurious Hotels in Egypt?

Egypt is filled with a number of amazing five stars hotels that cost an average of 100 dollars a night, some of which are worldwide international hotel franchises that offer every client the best stay at the most affordable prices such as the hotels of Cairo such as hotels of Sheraton, the Marriott Mena House, the Four Seasons, the Fairmont Nile City, intercontinental hotel, Triumph Luxury Hotel, the St. Regis Cairo hotel, and the Kempinski Nile Hotel which all located in the heart of Cairo and offers a magical view that either overlooks to the enchanting Giza Pyramids complex or the heavenly Nile plus spacious rooms with special foreign designs and 24/7 professional room service, restaurants, spas, and more.

In Hurghada are the Steigenberger Al Dau Beach and the Marriott Hurghada Beach and more. In Luxor are Hilton Luxor, the Sonesta St George, the Sofitel Winter Palace, and Steigenberger Nile Palace. In Aswan, there is the Tulip Aswan Hotel, the Hilton Aswan, the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract, and the Movenpick Aswan. All across Egypt is a Number of mesmerizing hotels which will offer the finest service and make you feel like true royalty.

What Are the Best Luxurious Nile Cruises in Egypt?

Since the dawn of time, The Nile Cruise has always been the pinnacle of Egyptian exploration where everyone can witness the divine beauty and greatness between Luxor and Aswan. Boarding a Nile Cruise will be like traveling across time and space between all the historical and cultural monuments of Upper Egypt that will reveal all the incredible stories of the ancient Egyptians and shed some light on the captivating art and architectural skill of the ancient Egyptians. Some of the best Luxury Nile cruises include the Movenpick Royal Lily, the Movenpick Royal lotus Splendor Nile cruise, the Rosetta Nile cruise, Oberoi Zahra Nile cruise, Queen Nefer Nile cruise, Sonesta star goddess Nile cruise, the Sanctuary sun boat Nile cruise, M/S Terramar Nile cruise, Sonesta Nile cruise, and more. All of these Nile cruises are highly equipped with all the best means of Luxury to provide the ultimate holiday experience.

  • Best Time to Enjoy the Best Luxury Nile Cruise

The key to enjoying the best Luxury vacation in Egypt is the timing of the seasons of winter, spring, and autumn from the months of August to April as the climate becomes very relaxing with an average temperature of 21 C (70 F).

  • Best Activities to Enjoy the Best Luxury Nile Cruise

Luxury traveler is all about the experience, that’s Egypt is the best place that can provide an ideal vacation filled with a number of incredible activities such as a delightful dinner cruise across the lifestream of Egypt the Nile, a sound & light show at the pyramids complex or Luxor Temple, a unique dahabiya across the waters, and historical wonders across Luxor and Aswan, an adventurous Super safari in the Sahara, a hot-air balloon above the treasures of Luxor,  unique aquatic activities such as diving & snorkeling in the red sea, and many more fun activities.

Make every moment of your vacation filled with absolute luxury and entertainment by heading straight to Egypt where everyone can live the best travel experience of their lifetime.


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