Expensive Strollers – Is It Worth It?

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Expensive strollers – is it worth giving a lot of money for a stroller that you will only use for a few years?

Opinions are many and particularly subjective.

For some it’s worth it, for others it’s not, but what everyone recognizes and is certain is that these expensive strollers, from big and well-known brands – are of exceptional quality.

Instead of debating a topic that, as I mentioned just now, is very subjective… let’s find out what someone who buys such strollers says. We have some friends who live in London and paid us a visit not long ago.


Why buy expensive strollers?

For Design:

It has a very simple design and gives the impression that it is solid, durable. Besides, it looks very cool.
The stroller is very simple and doesn’t have all kinds of extra crap on it, I think that’s why it looks so fine and solid. I mean it’s easy, but not too easy… if you understand me, it has exactly the necessary weight when you push it and when you handle it. Each accessory is functional, not just breezes.

No, I also paid for the brand – Bugaboo is like a Porsche. Both a Porsche and a Dacia take you from A to B, but Porsche is something else. So is this stroller. Yes, you give extra money but it is more comfortable, more reliable and keeps its value much better. Look on ebay or on occasions and you will see that some Stokke or Bugaboo strollers that have been used for 1-3 years, look like new and have the same high prices.


Very easily, we also took the pram, although it is said that the chair is also suitable for newborns. I said it’s better for babies, it’s more comfortable. The pram and the seat are very easy to assemble and disassemble, which, by the way, can be used as a car seat. We don’t use Landoul anymore, but it was very useful this winter when he was a baby. ”

Oh, and the chair can also be placed facing the parents and vice versa. And the handle is extensible and adjustable, I’m much taller than my wife and it would be a pain to bend over to push the stroller, but that’s great, I change the handle and it’s good for everyone.


It folds very easily. So imagine that I can hold the child in my arms and bend it with just one hand and one foot. My wife doesn’t really want it, but that’s the design, it’s made easy to fold and put in the car with one hand. Both hands are needed to open the trolley openers.

It closes quite compactly, it’s not like an umbrella stroller , but it’s small enough to fit easily in the trunk and not take up space in the garage. See only to take everything out of the storage bag at the bottom, I forget all the time.


On the asphalt it’s as if it works alone, on the “biscuits” here it works just as well, it has some very nice suspensions and you don’t feel any shocks. I don’t recommend pushing it too much on areas with gravel or grass… it’s quite heavy, but otherwise it’s great.

Honestly, I’m not sorry I took it. I think it makes my life easier, and I’m sure I’ll be able to sell it when I don’t need it anymore… but I don’t know when… that my second baby should come too 🙂


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