Everything You Wanted to Know About Acrylic Prints Before Buying One

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Canvas Printer Online’s well-used acrylic print

What are they? Acrylic prints are plastic sheets that have photographic images printed on them. They can be used in all kinds of creative projects, from making custom stationery to scrapbooking.

The printing process is similar to the one used for inkjet prints , with four main differences:

1) Acrylic is thicker and more scratch-resistant than paper

2) It also has a shiny, glossy surface which makes it rather fingerprint-prone

3) It can’t be torn or cut, but it will withstand light bending

4) Photo quality often isn’t as high because it’s made using CMYK instead of RGB colors. However, since you’re not buying an art print for museum exhibition , the loss of quality doesn’t matter too much

This is why they’re so great!

1) They’re extremely durable, especially if you buy one with a UV coating . You can write on them or stick photos to them without worrying about scratches ruining the design. Since it’s also waterproof, you can safely use an acrylic print as decoration at your next pool party.

2) It has an elegant matte finish which makes it look more expensive than the usual inkjet prints (although depending on the light conditions, this may differ).

3) If you’re looking for something unique and trendy , purchasing an acrylic print is definitely worth your while…but only if you choose your design wisely (and since at the end of the day it’s still just some ink on plastic, don’t expect your life to revolve around this technique anymore than it does around regular photo printing).

Here are some ways you can use an acrylic print:

  • DIY notebooks and stationery
  • Photo booth backdrops
  • Hanging photo displays
  • Custom invitations

Framing extra photos or memorabilia , etc.    Photo props for children’s parties You may be wondering…where do I buy one? Well, there are lots of places to purchase acrylic prints online . However, before handing over your hard-earned money to a random site that pops up in Google search results, just answer these questions first: Is it a reputable website?

If you want to make sure your purchase is real and secure, check out the company’s policies , shipping charges, returns/exchanges policy , as well as its customer service history. You can uncover a lot by reading through this information! How much does it cost – roughly ?

Be wary of sites that claim “prices starting from $5!” Guess what…all acrylic prints start from practically nothing . There isn’t really such thing as an expensive or cheap price for them because they’re so easy to produce and distribute. The only way you’ll find a decent deal is if you take advantage of any current sales or discounts available on their site. What kind of designs do they offer ?

As we mentioned earlier, these prints can be used in a variety of different projects. Therefore you need to find a site that offers a variety of designs suitable for your intended use. This means…

Sites that offer only Photocentric Acrylic Designs are obviously the best choice if you’re only looking for birthday party photo booth backdrops …but not so great if you want to order custom invitations . Sites with a good amount of customizable options will give you more room to work with and allow your imagination to run wild! What shipping do they provide?


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