Everything you need to know about Property Valuation in Crawley

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The need for property valuation in Crawley comes in picture when the landlord wishes to sell or rent out their properties. This mostly is done by assessing certain different factors which will determine and calculate the value of your property. These factors upon which your property valuation depends comprises of location, premises of your property and the condition. Thus property valuation is a very important which must be done properly to yield the results of your own choice. This task should be carried out with the help of professional assistance because they know what they are doing as they are highly skilled in their jobs.

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The need for property valuation

The need for property valuation starts when a person who owns a property wishes to either rent it out or to sell it. Moreover in certain other condition one can perform a property valuation such as:

  • Probate valuations
  • Shared ownership valuation
  • Matrimonial Valuation

Regardless of the reason, property valuation helps in the proper advertisement of your property according to its level.

Who is responsible for carrying out property valuation?

The property valuation should be carried out with the help and proper guidance of professionals. They will devise a proper advertisement plan which will be in direct correspondence with the characteristics of your properties. They will perform the evaluation considering the following things:

  • Storage area
  • Size
  • Wear and tear
  • Room layout

Moreover a professional in property valuation will also have access to the information regarding estate market trends. They will know about the things which are in trend and the factors which will attract both the tenants for renting and customers for buying.

Property valuation Crawley

The power of proper marketing

Never doubt the power that properly executed and planned marketing holds. A properly planned marketing scheme which will be made considering all the factors that will attract buyers and tenants. As property valuation is all about the proper execution and presentation of your property. Thus the proper results and outcomes can only be expected if you have the proper marketing tools to place your property in the market. The advertisement of your property on the leading websites and portals will help the landlords in garnering the sufficient and required attention. This will ultimately help the landlords in finding the most finest and respectable tenants and buyers to choose from.

The major difference between surveyor’s valuation and estate agent’s valuation

In case you want to put a price on your property, then you might think that it is wise to take help from a estate agent. But the major difference is that a surveyor’s valuation is far superior to the other way around. The surveyor’s valuation is laced with year of experience and expertise. Therefore a surveyor is far more trained in considering structure, the estimated and actual quality, the cost of improvements, the need for refinements. The valuation from a surveyor is always bias free. The valuation services provided by a surveyor will be based on real-time facts and figures and will help you to reach a conclusion regarding your property on solid grounds.

The importance of Property Valuation

In the business of real estate property valuation provides you all the much needed information that is required by the customer regarding their property and the associated property taxes. This will in term expand your information regarding the importance and the in-market trends of property insurance. With property valuation you will be able to understand the property climate completely. Nowadays In the market the rates of business and properties are fluctuating at the same pace. In certain cases your buyers are the one who become the ultimate deciders of the value of your property. Thus in such cases it becomes very important that you are fully aware of the value of your property according to the current and in-market trends. This real-time analysis keeps the sellers and the landlords safe and protected. That’s why they are not embroiled in fraud and may not suffer from lesser payments.


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