Everything You Need to Know About Kaff Chimneys

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KAFF offers a superb collection of designer chimneys in the kitchen appliances segment with various sizes and shapes to suit all kitchen types. A massive range of chimney models is available based on different features, colours, and installation types. 

These Kaff chimneys with powerful suction power not only keep your kitchen clean and maintain hygiene but also add elegance to your kitchen interior. Let’s take a look at the various factors that you need to be aware of before buying your Kaff chimneys:

Different Ranges Of Kaff Chimneys:

  • Essential Range

Very stylish and most practical Kaff chimney models for all purposes. Easy to maintain and clean. These high-performing Kaff chimneys are designed to be highly durable and comes equipped with user-friendly functions with an effective air filtration system.

  • Premier Range

Steel, curved Glass and technology can spark creativity. These Kaff chimneys are an excellent balance of technology, workmanship and design. Available in several variants, these Kaff chimneys can be an excellent option for various types of environments.

  • Collection Range

Designer Kaff chimneys are incredibly effective at purifying the air and ventilating your kitchen. Excellent design, expert manufacturing and premium materials will enhance your kitchen’ beauty by offering a more functional and pleasant environment.

  • Island Range

The manufacturer offers two different designs of this type of Kaff chimney, downdraft and suspended. These carefully crafted masterpieces are unquestionably a unique blend of cutting edge technology and innovative design. This product line is an intuitive blend of materials, forms and advanced technology.

Few pointers which you need to keep in mind before picking your Kaff chimney:

  • Size of your chimney

The dimensions of your Kaff chimney mainly depends on the dimensions of the stove you are using. The most standard available sizes of chimneys are 60 cm and 90 cm. If you are using a stove with two burners, then a 60 cm Kaff chimney will be an ideal choice for you. Whereas if you use a stove with three burners, you should opt for a 90cm Kaff chimney.

  • Chimney suction capacity

Kitchen Chimneys come with different suction capacities, and it can range from 700 m3/hr to 1600 m3/hr. You can pick the correct suction power depending on your frequency of cooking and your unique cooking style. 

  1. 700m3/hr- Healthy, low-oil cooking
  2. 1,000 m3/hr- Medium oil cooking
  3. 1,200 m3/hr and above- Deep-fried cooking


  • Chimney mounting Style

The mounting style will depend on your kitchen’s construction and available free space. If you already have got a cemented duct built through your roof, then a ceiling-mounted chimney will be an excellent option for you. But make sure the dimensions of your chimney and duct matches. In the case of a kitchen where you were using an exhaust fan or a kitchen with a standard exhaust hole, you can always go for a wall-mounted Kaff chimney.

  • Installation and accessories included in the box

Most chimney manufacturers don’t include the FREE installation service, aluminium duct pipe, and the cowl cover (end cap) within the box. You need to purchase them separately. It is very crucial to verify these details before buying the product to avoid post-purchase complications.

  • Post-sales service

This is one of the most critical factors; no matter how great the chimney is, you should avoid it if it doesn’t have good service coverage in your area. Fortunately, Kaff chimneys are known for offering top-notch after-sales service all over India.

KAFF is one of the leading names when it comes to kitchen appliances. The build and design quality of the Kaff chimney are excellent and attractive. The main plus point of Kaff chimneys are its performance and the elegance it adds to your kitchen. The innovative dry heat auto clean technology makes it effortless to clean the chimney, thus saving you time to clean it manually. Moreover, the gesture control on the thermostatic touch panel gives it a trendy and modern feel.

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