Everything you need to know about Investment Banking Career

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Investment banking is one of the hardest and highest-sought industries for new professionals.

iBanking careers have always attracted top-notch talent for their high salaries, heavy learning potential, wide exposure, fat bonuses, and more. The allure of investment banking jobs is the same as it was a decade back.

As luring as the job, it is difficult to break into just by chance. Proper planning is a must. For aspiring finance and business aspirants, here’s a round-up of this career.

Who are investment banking pros?

iBanking professionals offer their advisory services to the clients to help them in mergers and acquisitions, tough financial decisions, going public, and more.

They are mavens for numbers and financial modeling and analytics.

Investment Banking analysts and associates are financial brokers at the central point of the PE industry, businesses, and investors.

Investment Bankers

  • They are experts at valuing a business.
  • They help clients raise funds through IPO, identifying acquisition targets or mergers, etc.
  • They help in both bonds as well as equity financing (private or public, majorly for IPOs).
  • They help in deal-making, researching for the best options, financial modeling.
  • They provide advisory to individuals, as well as corporations and governments.

Major Divisions in Investment Banks

Where do the investment bankers work within the investment bank?

Most banks divide their activities based on industry groups – like Energy, Technology, Healthcare, etc. Other than these, based on client-facing or operational areas – their activities are divided into 3 major divisions. They are:

  1. Sales and Trading – The division works with owners of securities.
  2. Core Investment Banking – This division works with issuers of securities.
  3. Capital Markets – It’s a channel between owners and issuers.

Getting started in Investment Banking Career

  1. Aspirants who seek entry-level positions at investment banks are typically graduates in Mathematics, Business, Statistics, Economics, Finance, and other related domains.
  2. Apply for first-year analyst positions early on – say, after the first year of graduation. Such internships give much-needed boost to the profile in terms of experience and network.
  3. Similar skill sets are required, but at different levels of expertise – from the junior-most level to partners – such as valuation and financial modeling for entry-level, and communication, presentation-making, and deal-making at advanced.
  4. Another much in vogue path to enter the industry – is to opt for an investment banking certification. It lifts the credentials and gives authority to the latest skills demanded in investment banking.

Skills You Must Have

The learning curve is higher in investment banking jobs compared to other finance careers. This is also the reason behind the rich knowledge level of these professionals. These soft and hard skills can help aspirants make a mark in the interview:

  • Hard Skills

Accounting; Presentation; Analytics; Mathematics; Financial Modeling; Fundamentals of Business

  • Soft Skills

Achiever streak; High Emotional Quotient; Persuasive; Creative; Situational fluency

Got skills? Cert Up!

If you are gunning for an investment banking job as a financial analyst, an associate, a manager, underwriter, consultant, operations lead, or any other, a designation as Chartered Investment Banking Professional (CIBPTM) can multiply the value of your pedigree.

Better your chances for the coveted positions in investment banking with a qualification from the Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA).

A certification serves better than a degree alone in several ways, particularly when you are not from top B-schools.

CIBPTM is packed with the latest industry knowledge required to launch an impressive investment banking career.

Other qualifications in investment banking include the popular CFA, and FMVA, CCA, CMA, and the likes.

Get your foot in the investment banking industry with professional designations. Prove your experience and number-crunching skills in the domain. CIBPTM – Your Fast-Track Route to Investment Banking Career!



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