Everything You Need to Know About Glass Railings

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If you want durability with the style factor, consider glass railing for decks. They are an excellent option for deck balustrades. Being transparent, the glass railings can match every design. Also, they will remain the same, for years, without getting rusted or corroded, due to environmental factors.

The modern glass stair railing doesn’t require significant maintenance; instead, you need to wipe them occasionally to keep them dust and debris free. This can be done using the squeegee or by spraying the glass railing with a hose.


Characteristics of Glass Railings

Glass can be used with a variety of railing materials. Their uniqueness fits well with each deck style and appearance.

  • They can be used installed into a vast number of railing materials, for instance, aluminum, steel, vinyl, composite, steel, and more.
  • The complete glass sheets infill the wind to pass by, warming the deck space, making it perfect for chilly weather conditions.
  • Be it framed or frameless glass railing for decks, both forms offer an improved outside view, meanwhile clearing the obstructions. Their transparency makes your deck area feel opened up and a bit larger.
  • Though railings require significant maintenance, glass needs comparatively lower maintenance than wood and other materials, you don’t need to worry about the glass as it won’t corrode or rust; neither the debris and stains and debris can affect its quality.
  • When installed professionally, glass railings are a safer option than most of the other railing materials.
  • The modern glass stair railings enhance the beauty and functionality of the staircase.


How to Keep Them Clean?

One of the most recommendable methods to quickly clean the glass railing for decks is by using a window cleaner. You may get it from the nearby hardware stores. They have a spray bottle design attached effectively to your hose to spray the cleaning material onto your glass.

Once the material is sprayed on your glass, you need to rinse and wipe the glass. That’s it. You can also use a windshield cleaner you use for your car. The spray might have rain repellent characteristics. You need to spray the cleaner on the glass and wipe it out in a similar pattern as that of the windshield. This will make your glass railings as clean as they were at the very beginning.

The modern glass stair railing can also be cleaned using soap or vinegar-based solution. While using the vinegar-based cleaning solution, you need to be careful with the railing’s posts and top & bottom rails. This is because vinegar reacts with metals, and it may harm the metal coating. Usually, the manufacturers recommend using only a pH-neutral cleaner like the mild solution of soap to clean coated surfaces. The vinegar or petroleum-based commercial cleaners may damage the coating, meanwhile making the warranty void.

If you have a toddler, glass railings will be perfect since you won’t have to worry about the crayon and chalk marks, as they’ll quickly be cleaned off. It doesn’t matter how more challenging the marks are; they can easily be removed using acetone-based cleansers or even your household toothpaste. Prevent the use of razor blades upon the glass railings. Though the glass railings are strong enough to absorb shocks, a razor blade can cause minor damage or scratches on the surface. These damages may hold stains and dirt under the area and make it much harder to clean.


Modern Glass Stair Railing Designs

The modern glass stair railings help elevate the beauty of commercial and residential structures. While there are many design options available, you may customize your building’s railing according to your preferred configuration. The services providing the glass railings also deal in several other home renovation aspects like cabinet handles and pulls, backsplash, and more. You may connect with them for these kinds of renovations items too.

The most beautiful aspect of the glass is that its uniqueness makes it suitable for all kinds of rooms and building structures. Being transparent, glass railings match every color shade they are used with. Not only are they long-lasting and safer options, but they need low maintenance, which makes them a great investment.


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