Everything essential to note about whole-genome sequencing

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Whole Genome Sequencing

The deteriorating health condition of the world has made people think more about their lives and take all the preventive measures to improve their immune system. At the same time, those already suffering from any chronic illness look forward to achieving better health opportunities, including better testing and accurate results. Especially those who have gone through an array of testing from laboratories to laboratories and are unable to get the right kind of diagnosis for their prolonged illness.

It is only when all kinds of testing and diagnostic methods come to health most health care providers go for genome sequencing. Suppose your health care provider has recommended you to go for whole-genome sequencing. In that case, it is important for you to learn more about the testing procedure and how it helps the doctors to come to a conclusion both for diagnosis and for treatment as well.

Here is a brief overview of what whole genome sequencing is and how it helps you get better treatment options.

  1. What is genome sequencing?

As soon as the health care experts ask you to go for the genome sequencing testing method, one of the first questions that come to the human mind is the test about and how it is different from other laboratory testing methods have already undergone.

Genome sequencing is learning about the patterns of DNA sequencing of the human body. The patterns help you learn about different genetic disorders that could cause any kind of prolonged disease. The resulting sequencing of the data does not target any specific region of the body to identify the disease or the probability of any disease; instead, it includes both the coded and non-coded regions.

However, those who undergo genome sequencing must know that it includes vase variety of sequencing details compared to those used for exome sequencing.

  1. The cost of genome sequencing:

Another important feature to consider about genome sequencing is its large and more complex data collection. It takes weeks to complete sequencing, and therefore, the cost of the services is higher than the ones compared to exome sequencing.

One of the keynotes about the testing and diagnostic mechanism is, instead of going through multiple testing methods and increasing the cost of billing, one of the easiest and effective ways to identify the patterns of disease in your body is to get whole genome sequencing done once the doctors find the need.

  1. To whom genome sequencing is referred to:
  • If you have not encountered the term before, one of the first things that pops up to your mind is why the health care provider is asked you to go for genome sequencing. It is important to learn who should go for the testing and how it differs from regular testing methods.
  • All those patients who have a long list of vague test results and symptoms also don’t allow the health care providers to learn about the current and prevailing condition of the patients.
  • Patients who have a history of atypical phenotypes like polycystic kidney disease. They should also get themselves tested for whole-genome sequencing.
  • Patients who are suffering from deafness, blindness or neuropathies.
  • Patients who have already undergone many testing procedures and if further results aren’t able to diagnose their disease, they will have the threat to life—especially children who suffer from seizures, cardiomyopathy and people suffering from cancer.
  1. How to go about testing:

One of the main reason people are advised to go for whole-genome testing is because it provides a complete and multi chromosomal analysis. It can locate the variants of the DNA sequence in the body, and people can undergo better treatment options…

If you or your loved ones are asked for whole-genome sequencing, one of the very things that you need to do is to look for a lab that provides services for the process. You are required to book an appointment where the team of service providers will come and collect the samples from you.

You are also required to fill in a consent form to make sure that the results of the testing are kept confidential, and you can get accurate results.

The collection of sample and the results of genome testing requires time to come out. The samples are then sent to the health care providers to study variations in the patterns of sequencing, and then within the span of 8 to 10 weeks, your results are handed over to the patient or his family.

The whole process is completed with the utmost care, and patients are requested to keep calm and understand the complexity of the situation through counselling. For all those who are unable to understand the process needs to get their counselling sessions for overall impact and better knowledge.



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