Everything About Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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Heavy commercial vehicle insurance is a type of motor insurance policy that covers the risk of losses, damages that are caused by the commercial vehicles and the driver. It’s generally a customized motor insurance policy that includes damages and losses in natural calamities, situations of an accident, collisions, fire, and so on. We all know that commercial vehicles are essential modes of transportation and are also known as heavy-duty vehicles. It includes buses, trailers, coaches, shovels, tractors, carriers, mobile rigs, bulldozers, and so on for transportation of goods within the countries, cities, and states. These commercial vehicles contribute to the bulk transportation for various businesses. Plus, these vehicles are prone to unpredictable damages, accidents, and road mishaps during travel. Thus, heavy commercial vehicle insurance is essential for covering the set of wheels against all odds. It’s for covering the risk of loss for all heavy-duty commercial vehicles. 

Why is heavy commercial vehicle insurance important? 

  • It’s advantageous for the smooth functioning of a running business against all the difficult situations that might cause a financial drain. 
  • It’s used for commercial vehicles like private/public travel trailers, passengers carrying vehicles, tractors, mobile rigs, bulldozers, and others. It basically covers the risk of losses in case of accidents and mishaps. 
  • It’s a quick, easy, and hassle-free online process 
  • Before you go for the zero down policy, compare all the vehicle insurance quotes and buy the heavy commercial vehicle insurance policy that suits your budget. 

Key Features of heavy commercial vehicle insurance

  • There exists a comprehensive package that is available to both private and public carriers including all the special types of goods. 
  • The insurance plan provides a cover for all the liabilities in case of accidents and injuries. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the vehicle insurance plan because it provides monetary compensation. 
  • You remain stress-free from the monetary setbacks and all the liabilities. 
  • There’s a third-party vehicle/person/ property damage cover available.
  • There’s also a personal accident cover for the owner and driver in this heavy commercial vehicle insurance. 


This is a policy for medical, personal, and financial losses that are incurred because of the damage resulting from accidents, theft, and natural disasters. Most commercial vehicle insurance organizations provide cashless compensation for repairing the vehicles at their registered workshops. There are a plethora of insurance plans and you can always customize these plans as per your needs. Given below is a list of advantages that heavy commercial vehicle insurance offers – 

Loss/damage to the commercial vehicles due to – 

  • Strikes and riots 
  • Thefts, burglary, and housebreaking
  • Hailstorms, frost, inundation cyclones 
  • Tempest, flood, hurricane, typhoon
  • Fire, self-ignition, lightning, or explosion
  • Terrorist activity
  • Earthquake
  • Malicious acts
  • Landslides and rock slides 
  • Accident by external means
  • Personal accidents

Apart from this, there’s always an action to boost the policy advantage by opting for a variety of add-on covers available at an additional premium. 

On the whole, claiming this commercial vehicle insurance is an easy victory if you have the right approach by your side. If you want to get the claimed amount reimbursed, it’s crucial for you to immediately notify the commercial vehicle insurance provider about the damage done or the loss caused. So, what are you waiting for? Claim it now!


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