Evening Desert Safari with Dinner, Thrill, and Extravaganza

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During your holidays in Dubai, a day strikes when you want to have a blast. The city’s nightlife, crazy Waterworld adventures, and a refreshing beach day. All these perks of having a vacation in Dubai saturate at one place. And that is evening desert safari Dubai. If you want to explore Dubai to its core enchantments, visit its conservation reserve. This place is the one ground for experiencing the thrill, Arabian culture, and exquisite views. 

Furthermore, you can make your trip to the desert mercenary by opting for an evening head out. Let’s take a look into what an evening desert safari offers to the wanderers. 

  Enticing Activities in an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

1.  Dune Bashing in a 4×4

Get ready to face the most furious ride ever! Your vacations in Dubai are incomplete if you haven’t tried dune bashing of the Arabian desert safari in Dubai. It is an enthralling activity in which the riders cross the bumpy dunes in 4WD vehicles. There are hummers, land cruisers, dune buggies, and rovers that manoeuvre over the high-end dunes.

2. Camel Ride

Sit over the camel’s hump and wander in the wilderness of the vast sand sea. Explore the unseen spots of the barren which can neither be explored in SUVs, nor on foot. Camel riding is an extraordinary voyage amidst the golden dunes. Enjoy a hip hop ride on a ship of the desert and witness the exceptional beauty of the golden barren. Discovering the rare flora and fauna of the marshy plain is an out-of-this-world experience.

3. Succulent Dinner and BBQ

Engulf the delicious bites from the charcoal roasted meat and international cuisine. There is traditionally made Arabian savoury as well that is served in tempting style. You’ll get unlimited and free access to chilled soft drinks, mineral water, and tea. Coffee lovers can enjoy divine sips of Arabian coffee that is served along with dates. Moreover, the BBQ and buffet comprise the iconic taste of Arabian savoury.  

4. Be a Part of the Extravaganza

Collect the luminosity of the live entertainment night bliss at the dune arena. The colossal colours of various dance forms are presented in front of the guests. Scream of the dauntless stunts of the firemen presenting the furious fire dance. The mystical Tanoura show is quite overwhelming once you observe the spinning moves of the dervishes. Then there are belly dancers who fascinate everyone with their flex. You only get a chance to witness this fancy flight of Arabian culture in an overnight or evening expedition to the terrain.

5. Sunset Serenity

The sunset beauty of the majestic sand sea is exceptional. Consider yourself lucky if you get to witness the setting sun at the dunes. Capture the lovely cantaloupe in the lens of your camera. This scenic background is the perfect frameset for enthusiastic photographers. Many photo freaks visit the dunes for photography purposes. Also, they love to capture the rare species of the marsh. 

You may spot gazelles, oryxes, foxes, wild owls, reptiles, even marshy leopards. The exceptional beauty of this whole wilderness inspires travel enthusiasts, especially during dusk. 


The above-mentioned highlights are the ultimate perks of opting for an evening desert safari. A standard evening tour to the conservation reserve is a maximum of six hours. It starts from a minimum of around 35 AEDs to as luxurious as 2000 AEDs, depending upon the itinerary. However, a visit to the Arabian dunes is worth spending every single Dirham! 



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