Essential Boxing Equipment for Beginners

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 A complete guide to boxing equipment for beginners

Boxing is a secure fighting sport due to the strict rules and regulations that players have to follow. Unlike other fighting games like MMA or freestyle wrestling, players cannot use their legs, hit the sensitive parts, or be aggressive. Also, Boxing Equipment  is best for those who want to burn calories or do extensive cardio exercises. Boxers only fight with punches, but they have to train the whole body to get agility and strength.

Even if you do not want to play boxing professionally, it is good for you to keep yourself fit, active, and in shape. Boxing will increase your power, speed, and body coordination. Like any other sport, it requires practice, patience, and discipline. Proper training is necessary to become a good boxing player and keep you safe from traumas and accidents. For the appropriate training, the right kind of training equipment is essential. Not all Boxing Equipment are for all levels of boxing fighters.

This blog is a guide for those who want to start boxing and are looking for expert advice about boxing gadgets. For our reader’s ease, we have divided Boxing Equipment into two main categories. One is of the Boxing Equipment required for the training, while the other includes equipment used in boxing competitions only. A good boxing player should have both essential gadgets, but a beginner needs not have them.

  1. Equipment needed during training:

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Boxing Gauze
  • Heavy bags
  • Speed Bags
  • Jump ropes
  • Bell/Timer
  • Boxing Parachutes
  • Boxing Speed Ladders
  • Training Pads


  1. Equipment

    needed during a match:

  • Boxing Shoes
  • Boxing Trunks
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Shirt, Robe
  • Mouth guard
  • Headguard/ Ear protector
  • Groin and bodyguard

Above written equipment is the essential boxing gadgets required. Let us get into the detail of these Equipment.

We will be explaining only the equipment used in training. Otherwise, the blog will become too long.

Boxing Gloves:

The primary protective gadget includes boxing gloves to protect your hands from the punches’ impulse and protect your opponent. The primary purpose of Boxing Equipment  is not to hurt the opponent but to get points by hitting places like the face. Therefore, the boxing gloves or punches are padded with soft foamy material so that whenever you hit hard on the punching bag or heavy bag, it does not hurt you. Various sixes of gloves are available in the market ranging from 10 to 20 ounces depending on the weight. Beginners mostly use a lighter glove as it is challenging to punch hard with heavy gloves. Players mostly use 16 sizes in matches as well as in training.

Boxing Gauze or Hand Wrap:

Boxers wear gauze under their gloves even during training to decrease the effect of punches on their hands. Different players wear gauze in different styles depending on their ease; there is no strict rule for wearing the gauze. Players must wear gauze during practice to secure their hands and wrist bones. Any gauze or simple cloth can function as a protective hand wrap.

Heavy Bags:

A heavy boxing bag is essential equipment for the training of boxing. This bag hangs from the ceiling with a strong rope filled with hard or soft cushioning material Boxing Equipment. It is tough to swing the punching bag; increasing the strength of the punches moves the load a bit, and the player’s punch gain strength with time. For this, beginners should not fill the bag with soft material nor with harsh substances. Trainers recommend s learners spend as much time as they can punching the heavy bag with all their strength, but players must maintain discipline.

Jumping Ropes:

Jumping rope is essential and straightforward training equipment that is used by athletes and other sports players equally. These are cheap, available in all sports shops, of various lengths and Boxing Equipment. Players use ropes according to their height and practice daily to increase their stamina and speed. It is the best exercise to sweat, burn calories and reduce weight.

Double End Bags:

Double End bags are small, soft, lighter bags hanging down from a wooden piece to the player’s height. All of the players use these bags to increase their punching speed, coordination, and stamina. Usually, beginners start with 50 punches aiming for 500 to 1000 punches in a single go.

Training Pads:

Commonly couples use training pads, usually with a trainer or partner player in Boxing Equipment. Trainers of other fighting games also use these hand pads like MMA and freestyle wrestling. Partner wears this soft pad on the hands, covering the complete elbow. The player punches on the punching pads with various moves. So the training pads are also helpful in learning multiple punching moves.

Boxing Speed Ladder:

Speed Ladder is much like a simple ladder used by players to learn footprint, speed, and agility. Athletes and other sports players also use these ladders for training purposes.

Boxing Parachutes and Resistance Rubber Bands:

Parachutes are used frequently in many other games by athletes to develop strength and resistance. Also, athletes use rubber bands to tighten the athlete’s belly Boxing Equipment, and the player runs against it. Similarly, parachutes are used but outside, and the air pressure provides the resistance. These gadgets are not recommended for beginners. Parachutes and resistance bands are used by expert players usually.

Bell or Timer:

Many trainers use a bell or timer for the training of their disciples; this bell helps in keeping the time of special training in an account. Trainers usually maintain control of the timer in their hands while some of the timers are automatically set.


As you are reading this now, you have a good idea of what Boxing Equipment are essential for your initial boxing training. The basic equipment required for the initial training is heavy, speed bags, gloves, gauze, and ropes, while others are accessories.

Other boxing gadgets are also essential but only during fighting matches like boxing shoes, robes, and protective equipment like groin protectors, head guards, etc. We will get into the detail of these protective and clothing stuff in another blog. But these Boxing Equipment are not necessary for beginners. Also, remember practice is the key to success.



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