Top 2021 esports betting tips guide

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There was no betting on esports back in time, but now, it is a big thing. It got off to a slow start but came a long way in a couple of years only. By seeing the growth of the esports betting tips industry, it is estimated that the development will be skyrocketing in the coming years. 

Along with this, the fanbase of esports is also huge. But still, people have no idea of what esports betting is all about. To some extent, esports betting is still under the radar. Despite such a fanbase, it is still nowhere to the traditional sports like soccer, football, and many others. 

In such situations, people and fans want nothing but something to guide them on esports betting. Here are some basic esports betting tips and strategies to help you bet on esports and make your mark. 

All about esports betting 

Those who are entirely new to esports betting are always on the lookout for some guidance over it. Esports betting is nothing but electronic sports and video games. According to reports, more than one million people participate in video gaming in one form or the other. 

Most of the gamers who bet on esports are casual gamers. And casual gamers are least concerned about profit and only have fun while betting and playing. But in some cases, even casual gaming can be competitive. Millions of fans watch the esports game through tournaments and other streaming channels. 

Before you begin with esports betting, it is crucial to have a detailed understanding of all the esports games being played worldwide. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make good betting decisions. Here are some of the esports betting tips and strategies to guide you on your esports betting journey. 

Esports betting tips 

Knowing about esports betting and knowing how to make money with it- both are different. If you plan to beat the bookmakers and turn an overall profit, there’s a lot for you to know. But keep one thing in mind that esports betting is not only about money. It is more about fun. 

Understand odds and calculate payouts

One of the foremost vital aspects of sports betting is the odds. You can calculate how much money you’ll win with the help of odds, but this is not all. If you want to be a successful sports bettor in esports betting, understand them and learn how to use them. 

Many bettors don’t know that there are several different ways of expressing odds, and odds are linked to the possibility of winning. Besides this, the odds also dictate whether they are of good value or not. Whenever you decide to place bets, keep this thing in mind. Sometimes, odds are also known as the price of a wager. 

As your initial stake is returned, you’ll still make a profit from winning an odds-on bet. Different odds formats like decimals, Moneyline, and fractional are concerned as far as formats are concerned. 

Record keeping and performance analysis 

The biggest mistake bettors commit is that they don’t keep track of their bets placed so far. They tend to have a vague idea of it but are never sure about it. It does not seem a big deal for the ones who pursue betting out of fun. 

If you are concerned about making money on esports betting, then keeping records is essential. It tells you to see how you are performing but can help you get better results. You can quickly identify what’s working for you and what’s not. Consequently, you’ll be knowing the areas which need improvement on your part. 

Comparing odds and line shopping 

Comparing odds and shopping for the best lines is most crucial while esports betting. Many people are not willing to part with their money unless they are confident enough for the same or getting a good deal. 

These days, it is extremely easy to compare prices and all due to the internet. It’s as easy as going online to see who is offering the best lines and that too at the lowest price. When it comes to making purchases, the popularity of these sites proves that a lot of people are sensitive to prices. 


These esports betting tips will help you to advance your game to another level and will help you to beat your competitors during esports betting. 


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