Enjoy Match 3 Puzzle Adventure with Candy Fruit Blast Game for Android

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Match 3 games are so familiar to us and we all ages of users love to play these games. Because match 3 puzzle games are simple, easy to play, and great for having fun for hours. There are many amazing match 3 games are available on the internet. Our today’s topic is about one of them — Candy Fruit Blast Game, a nicely designed matching puzzle game for Android and you’ll love to play it for sure.

So, let’s have a look at it below …

Candy Fruit Blast Game — Match 3 Fruit Link Puzzle

It’s an exciting and delightful fruit match-three game or matching fruits game that everyone can enjoy big time. First of all, this fruit blast game will instantly catch your eyes with delight due to its easy to play interface, amazing gameplay, pretty design, and cool graphics. If you are searching for fun match 3 fruit games for free, then Candy Fruit Blast Game is something that might make you really happy! It will allow you to have a lot of fun for hours and help you get relaxed as well.

Candy Fruit Blast Game Match 3 Fruit Link Puzzle

The Gameplay

There are fruit candies of different colors and shapes in the game. You have to match three fruits of the same kind or create a fruit line or fruit link to crush them to earn points. With a delightful visual effect of the fruit-blasts will amuse you. When you crush enough fruit candies by fruit match or fruit merge and fill up the target, you’ll get to the next level which features more new and exciting features. You’ll don’t get a chance to get bored!

Below are some of the cool features.

Easy and Fun to Play

Fun and easy to play gives you great refreshment, ideal for all types of users of all ages. There’s no complication in the interface, and you don’t have to go through any complications to have fun with this fruit match 3 puzzle game.

Delightful Graphics

With the amazingly colorful and refreshing interface, this candy fruit crush game will delight you always while you play. The developers have given their best effort to make the graphics in such a way that it delights everyone regardless of their age and gender.

Lots of Adventurous Levels

This free candy fruit blast game features lots of levels so you can enjoy it for as long as you’d like. As well as, each level of this game has something new and exciting to offer. New kind of challenges on every level which makes it more fun and challenging as you continue to win levels one by one.

Suitable for Everyone

You’ll enjoy this fruit candy puzzle game very much, it doesn’t matter, how old are you, or what gender you are. You’ll enjoy playing this game always!

Most Free & Totally Offline

This match 3 fruit puzzle game is mostly free, you don’t have to spend any money to download this amazing fruit link puzzle game however it has some items in-app purchase. But most of the features are totally free. Besides that, it doesn’t need an internet connection to play so you can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere.

Download Candy Fruit Blast on Google Play

So download Candy Fruit Blast Game for Android and have lots of fun. Enjoy delightful fruit blast match 3 puzzle adventure!


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