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Eklavya Overseas is the most helpful consultancy in India. It has helped Indian students find their dream universities for years and listens to each student’s desires before providing accurate advice about different possibilities so that they can make an informed decision on where they want to study medicine. Eklavya Overseas also have access to courses of MBBS in Russia– a top-ranking Medical country.

We are an international consulting service that provides information and guidance on best colleges all over the world. Eklavya Overseas is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to study abroad. They offer consultations where you can learn about academic programs and cost savings so that you can choose a program at your budget! Furthermore, they provide detailed info on different colleges—so students will have no problem making this decision easily. So, Make an appointment with Eklavya Overseas to research abroad MBBS programs.

Advantages of Living And Studying MBBS In Russia?

Russia offers great medical schools and hospitals, which has inspired many students to study in the country. Russia also is home to some famous graduates like Dr. Anna Ahronovitch who worked at World Trade Centre Hospital as well as Yuri Pidkaminetskyi from Ukraine, making it a popular destination for education among international students looking forward to Medical MBBS in Russia. Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia are: –

  • Studying MBBS in Russia is significantly more affordable than studying the same degree back home. An Indian student pays a semester fee of $4,000 to $8,000 which is just a fraction compared with US medical school tuition at around $40 000-80 000 each year.
  • Groceries are more reasonably priced than food prices at home, which can be one reason why students have difficulty affording their education.
  • International students often find Russia’s university system to be a low-cost option that doesn’t require entrance exams or expensive tuition.
  • The European standard of living allows you to easily access public transportation and housing in the heart of Russia!
  • Living experience being safe from crime rates that are among some of lowest murder rate statistics on Earth keeping you secure not only from pickpockets or purse snatchers but also prevents other crimes occurring around such as burglaries etc making it an ideal place for studying medicine overall.
  • Every year, more and more students are flocking to study MBBS in Russia as they get the opportunity to work at some of the world’s leading hospitals.
  •  The peaceful cities and low-cost medical education make it a choice location for aspiring doctors from all over the world.

Get The Reliable Assistance Of Eklavya Overseas

Are you looking to study medicine in Russia? Eklavya Overseas is just the place for you. We’ll listen, answer questions and ensure that their services are tailored perfectly so your dreams come through! You can even apply low cost admissions because there’s nothing stopping us when it comes to studying abroad today! If what we said interests you in any way possible than contact our consultant now who will offer precise advice based on your desires – they’re sure this top university meets all of them within no time at all.

Eklavya Overseas has a reputation of providing reliable consultation services to ensure peace of mind during the long but exciting application process. As part of our service, we recommend only the top choices from all possible institutions before helping you apply!



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