Ear Piercing Cleaning Guide: Everything You Must Know

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From among all the types of piercings, the one done on the ears is considered the most common. The location usually ranges from the lobe to the folds outside the canal.

Even though relatively safe, you must treat ear piercings with proper care, or else they can get infected.

The people planning on starting a tattoo business emphasised the significance of getting body modifications, including ear piercing done from a licensed professional only. See if he/she wears high-grade gloves, use disinfected needles, and adhere to the instructions specified by the local and state health agencies.

Tips to Clean Ear Piercings

If you got your ears pierced, it is time to clean them regularly so that they do not become a habitat for harmful germs. Mentioned below are the nine most effective tips.

  1. The experts carrying out children’s ear piercing in the Gold Coast asks people to clean their pierced ears when they practicing other hygiene habits. Why not clean the piercings when you brushing your teeth or taking a shower?
  2. According to the experts who have their tattoo shops open for several years, before touching the freshly pierced ears, please wash your hands thoroughly using an antibacterial cleanser and lukewarm water.
  3. Clean the accumulated blood and plasma with a swab or cotton pad immersed in rubbing alcohol. Do this a couple of times a day to remove the bacteria. Dry the ears with a towel, so you do not damage any tissue.
  4. Clean the ears whenever you are taking the piercing out and putting it back. The bacteria have a tendency to sit on the jewellery when you keep it on an open surface such as the kitchen counter or dressing table.
  5. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly. This prevents the formation of scabs to a great extent. Even if there are scabs, the petroleum jelly moistens them, so they fall off on their own.
  6. It is better not to clean the piercings in public restrooms. Remember, even the cleanest restroom has huge concentrations of bacteria.
  7. Never sleep on the pierced area. The ears trap moisture quickly, which increases the risks of infection.
  8. Make sure when using shampoo, hairspray, gel, soap, pomade, etc. These products can irritate the tissues of the pierced areas, especially if they have not healed completely.
  9. Finally, yet importantly, contact a medical professional in case you notice abnormal or transparent discharges.

How Long Do Ear Piercings Take to Heal?

The experts working in the best tattoo studio in the Gold Coast said earlobe piercings heal the quickest – within a month or so. The cartilage piercings, on the other hand, take a tad longer. It may take at least six months. Tragus or helix piercings will take a year. When the ears are still healing, make sure not to take jewellery out. This will force the hole to close.

Ear piercings are quite common, with people from all across the globe indulging in them. You still have to take proper care of them in order to keep infections at bay.


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