E-visas (USA, Australia, Canada and Quebec, India and Vietnam)

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E-visas (USA, Australia, Canada and Quebec, India and Vietnam):

Some countries do not systematically require a tourist visa application. They use an online travel authorization application system. These systems are available on the internet, for a fee, and valid for several years. The host countries always reserve the right to refuse you access to the territory during arrival checks. These visas issued online are for tourism only, you cannot work or study with these electronic visas.

United States:

The VWP (Visa Weiver Program) allows you to apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) online and thus to discover the United States. The request must be made at least 72 hours before departure. It’s best to buy airline tickets after request. The ESTA is valid for 2 years and must be updated in the event of a change in circumstances. Know that you cannot benefit from the VWP if you have been in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan since March 2011, except for exceptional humanitarian reasons. The cost of an ESTA application is $ 14.


The Australian Embassy in Paris no longer processes visa applications. For this you should contact the Australian Embassy in Madrid. You can apply for an eVisitor visa on the Australian Customs website. The visa is issued by e-mail. Finally, you must travel with your passport, the validity date of which must go beyond 6 months from the date of your return.

Canada and Quebec:

To enter Canada and Quebec, an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is required, even for simple transit. The tourist visa is no longer in effect. However, border controls are more severe, please respect the travel conditions. The eTA is valid for 5 years for a trip not exceeding 6 months. The eTA costs $ 7 Canadian. You must have return tickets and sufficient resources during your stay.


The Indian e-Tourist Visa is applied for online and the visa application is done on arrival. You can request a maximum of 120 days before departure. The visa is valid for 60 days. You can also make a request for a double entry into the territory. There is also the possibility of re-entering the country twice over the period of validity of the visa which increases to 120 days.

The application and the payment of the application fees must be made online. You will also have to prove that you have sufficient resources for the stay, on your return ticket. Finally, your passport must have at least 2 blank pages for affixing authorizations and must be valid for another 6 months at the time of application.


Vietnam has developed its e-Visa service for stays of up to 30 days. For a stay of less than 15 days, no visa is required, only the return ticket is required. You can apply for a tourist visa online on the Vietnamese government website. This request costs around 23 €. The visa is to be collected on arrival in the territory.

Other visa applications (China, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Mongolia and the islands)
All paper requests should be made to foreign embassies or consulates in France. Although the process can be quite quick, we advise you to check with these services at least 4 months before your departure. An application must be made for each individual (except in exceptional cases), even if your children are on the same passport as you. Most countries reserve the right to refuse you entry into the country even if you are in full compliance with your residence permits. Contact the embassy or consulate of the country to receive an application file to complete and add the required supporting documents.


You can stay up to 30 days with a tourist visa. It costs € 60 if you apply at a consulate. For a transit of up to 72 hours, a visa is not required. It will be necessary to show the ticket of the country of destination to justify the transit. Fingerprints may be taken for travelers between the ages of 14 and 70, depending on the airport.

If you have foreign currency over $ 5,000, you must declare it to customs upon arrival. If you have foreign currency between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000, you will also need to apply for a port permit from a bank. If they are greater than $ 10,000, in addition to the declaration and permit, you will need to have them checked by the control office responsible for the bank. Then, an additional verification will be carried out by customs upon return.



The visa is not necessary for a stay of less than 180 days. However, you will need a valid passport covering the entire stay, round-trip tickets and sufficient resources for the entire stay.

In addition, the multiple migration form “FMM” will be issued to you by the air carrier or the migration services. You must keep it with you at all times throughout your stay with your passport. This form will be given to the immigration services at the end of your stay. No professional activity is accepted, whether paid or voluntary.


For a simple transit, you will have to apply for a transit visa (double entry if transit on the outward and return) from the embassies or consulates.

In order to obtain a tourist visa for a stay of less than 3 months at the consulate or embassy, ​​you will need to present an invitation from a Russian sponsor (individual, institution, tourist agent, hotel). He must be reachable throughout the stay. Upon arrival, you will complete an immigration form. The invitee has 7 days to file a notification of the visitor’s arrival with the Federal Immigration Service. A detachable coupon bearing the stamp of this service will then be given to the traveler who must keep it in his passport throughout the stay. For Visa  Consultation click here

Many special rules are applied in Russia in order to obtain a tourist visa for a stay of less than 3 months. We advise you to check with the embassy or consulate (customs formalities, local customs). The HIV1 and HIV2 tests are no longer compulsory for the tourist visa, but are still in force for trips of more than 3 months. Make sure that your passport and visa is still valid upon departure.


The visa exemption for stays of less than 30 days has been abolished since January 1, 2015. Obtaining a visa for Russia or China is no longer possible in Mongolia. Visas must be requested from France before departure. Registration with the Ulaan baatar Central Customs Service must be completed before crossing the border.

You can seek help from a travel agent or correspondent on site. Your check-in will include the dates of stays, points of entry and exit from the territory, the number of passengers and the characteristics of the vehicle used, if applicable.

The islands:

In some countries and many islands, a visa does not have to be obtained in advance. All you need to do is go to the immigration services upon arrival with a valid passport for the entire stay and return tickets.

The visa will be issued to you on site. Note that all countries reserve the right to deny you entry into the country for various reasons, even though your immigration papers are in order. for Visa https://www.gov.uk/apply-to-come-to-the-uk



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