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Bought a car seeking a reputed institution to learn or polish your driving skills. Get the driving lessons near me from a leading driving school. Here you will learn all the things that you are searching for.

Get the driving lessons in Manchester and its surrounding from a well-reputed and reliable school. Offers both automatic and manual driving lessons. An organization serving from years and providing comprehensive lessons that are exactly upon your need. Giving a high standard of driving instructions.

Learning driving from the institution will make you an expert enough that you will pass the theoretical and practical test at your first attempt. The old learners are proof of it. A team of experienced and professional male and female instructors. That will instruct you the best that matches your desires.

Even in the current situation the institution is taking bookings. The students are instructed to follow SOPs strictly. Come with wearing the mask and hand sanitizer. The wipes are also available.

Book the Lessons

Looking to get the driving lesson as soon as possible?

Book your lesson now from the website and make it possible. No more to wait for more. The institute offers several driving lessons within your budget. Get the package for your needs. Every other person can take lessons from us.

Additional Things

Driving Report

The learner will get a free driving report of his progress

Optional Driving Lesson

Offering lessons for both automatic and manual driving. Avail that suits you.

Theoretical Training

To get the license it is essential to pass the theoretical part. The institution will help in that too.

Friendly Instructors

All female and male instructors build a friendly relationship with learning to make him/her comfortable. Yet they are professionals in the field.

Driving Lessons near Me

This driving school is established with aim to provide quality driving lessons that suits everyone’s budget. The institution is working hard for years to get a higher standard batch. All the learners are assured to pass their driving test at very first.

The male and female instructors are certified and proficient in the field. All of them are licensed by DVAS so just trust that you are in the right place. Working with a goal is to make the students an expert, confident and safe driver for him and for others as well.

Organization comes with a range of courses for the freshers or someone who has little knowledge of driving. If you are a fresher wish to learn advanced or intensive driving courses. Or somebody who desires to complete the Pass Plus driving course we get it.

Range of Driving Lesson

The school offers a range of courses in which you not only experience driving although build the confidence of driving. The lesson will be given to the place that suits you.

The course lessons are designed that make sure you will learn driving more than talking to instructors. The course will give value to your money.


The school offers flexible timing. That means the time can be adjust to your availability. The fresher timing is schedule according to the spell you preferring. From past experience, the new programs are tailoring that meets your needs.

The driver lesson you will take at the place of your choice. Either you want to go the process slow or quick it depends upon you. The course is designing to work on your weak driving points and improve them.

What will you get?

Offering a comprehensive range of courses that will make you confident to get on the road quickly and drive safely. The lesson covers all the driving guidelines and teaches a high standard of safety. That will comfort you that the instructors teach you enough to handle any situation.

About the Organization

Serving with aim to provide exceptional driving lessons. The course outline is designed to improve the skill. The instructors will teach you with honesty and dignity that you get on the road quickly and safely. At the ADT you are the priority.

Quality Features of the Institute

From the lesson you will get to know how you can become a safe driver.

The learner will begin to understand the Highway Codes.

The learner will also know about the traffic or driving rules and regulation. That we have to follow.

You will also get to know about the vehicles. View more

Quality Learning

Every individual differs from others as per their learning capacity also varies. This is the reason the school offers a variety of courses that are designing to meet the needs. Some of the students want standard learning while the other may go for advanced or intensive driving lessons.

Before you book the lesson the experts will first examine your skills and according to it they assign the course which is best for you and that will enhance your driving skills.

Most of the students go for automatic as they find it difficult to drive manual cars. No matter what your choices are, the lessons meet your needs.


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