How to Turn an Old Dresser into a Beautiful Bathroom Vanity?

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If you wish to do something creative for your home, use your time and skills. For instance, you have got an old dresser in your store. Also, it is in good form. Then, why waste such a beautiful object? Instead of buying a brand new bathroom vanity, turn the dresser into one. However, you might be thinking about the cutting, screwing, and plumbing. No worries!

First of all, you need a dresser which is in good form. Secondly, you should have some space to place it. Well, you need some basic supplies for the task. Find a woodcutter, sewer, sink, faucet, and paint for coating. To protect its top surface you can have a glass protector.

If you are interested in doing this task, continue reading. Get the supplies and read the following steps to build your bathroom vanity:

  1. Purchase a sink
  2. Do the measurements
  3. Fit the sink into the dresser hole
  4. Remove one drawer front
  5. Coat and protect the dresser top
  6. Install plumbing
  7. Make sure there is no leakage
  8. Paint the dresser
  9. Secure it to the wall

Sink Modern Bathroom Vanity

1. Purchase a sink:

First of all, buy a sink. However, it is your choice whether you want a vessel sink or an under-mount sink. Therefore, purchase a sink according to your preference. Look for a desirable shape for the sink. Keep in mind the width and the height of the dresser. Choose the sink accordingly.

2. Do the measurements:

An accurate measurement is a key to this task. First of all, measure the top width of the sink. Secondly, measure the sink too. To fit the sink into the dresser, drill a hole in the top of the dresser top. For an under-mount sink, you have to trim the edges carefully.

Similarly, cut the whole according to the final measurements. The whole must not be too big or too small. It must have space for the rim.

3. Fit the sink into the dresser hole:

After cutting and drilling, put the sink into the sewed hole. Also, see if the fitting is accurate. Once the sink fits perfectly, you can take it out temporarily. Do not over-stress it. You can do this by yourself.

After ensuring the fitting of the sink, try to fix it permanently. Lay the sink into the opening and relax when it fits properly. As a result, you can go to the next stage.

4. Remove one drawer front:

Next, remove the front of the top drawer. Firstly, be careful with the wooden frame. Just remove the front of the drawer. In this way, you will be able to do the plumbing. Now check the fitting of the sink from the hole underneath. See if it fits well. However, if you have any doubts, double-check the fitting.

5. Coat and protect the dresser top:

After the sink fitting, protect the top of the dresser with any coating. There are many options for protection. Some people use glass sheets for protection. On the other hand, many people opt for paint and finishing.

Firstly, paint the dresser top and if you have time, paint the drawers. Secondly, let the coating dry. Do not begin with plumbing unless the paint is dried. However, make sure the vanity fits after the coat is applied. Apply at least 3 to 4 coats to protect it from water absorption.

6. Install plumbing:

When the paint dries out, start the plumbing. First of all, jigsaw a square hole at the back of the wooden dresser. Secondly, secure it to the wall. Choose the place where it is going to be permanent.

Now do the plumbing according to space. Secure the cardboard at the back of the dresser. Similarly, recheck the plumbing and the faucet hole underneath the sink top. Install the plumbing completely.

7. Make sure there is no leakage:

When you have done with plumbing, make sure there is no leakage. Therefore, turn on the tap and see if there is any leakage. If yes, then fix it. However, if there is no sign of leakage, well done. Besides, check to see if everything works properly or not.

8. Paint the dresser:

Just like you did the dresser top. If any part of the dresser is remaining, paint it. Apply the coats as much as possible. Paint the rest of the drawers. Besides, paint the inside of the dresser if possible. Let it dry properly.

9. Secure it to the wall:

Now that you have done all the fittings and coating. Secure your bath vanity to the wall. Place it permanently where you want it to be. Find the studs and a couple of screws to attach them to the wall. After installing it on the wall, check if there is any leakage. Use extra cardboard to make sure it is secure.


To summarize, you can make your bathroom vanity. Therefore, you can use any old dresser for this purpose. Despite spending money on a new vanity, create your own. There are a couple of supplies and tools that you need. Also, your sink and plumbing need to be perfect. However, the measurements must be accurate. Be confident and follow some steps to build your vanity.


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