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Poor performance in college can eventually lead to graduating with low grades or not graduating at all. College students should strive to see that their performance is promising. This is possible if they do studies, complete homework effectively, and complete projects and research work.

Some college students lose points for turning incomplete homework. Others do their work poorly or fail to do their research project work. It is better to seek help from research paper help sites on Internet if the work seems difficult to handle.

In order to successfully graduate with good grades, there are do’s and don’ts that a college student should observe in order to improve performance.

Do’s for improving performance for college students

  1. Manage your time well

Time is a valuable asset for a college student. There is so much more to do outside books that are also important. For example, games, sports, gym, having fun with friends, etc. A good student should practice time management skills in order to fit the activities in the schedule.

Time management help students to prioritize, and avoid spending too much time on certain things, and neglect others. It enables them to work within a time range and meet deadlines to avoid penalties like losing points, hence improving performance.

  1. Observe discipline

School management does not tolerate indiscipline. There are no excuses for indiscipline in college. There are severe punishments for indiscipline. Indiscipline contributes to poor performance in college.

A disciplined student is always doing the right thing in the right manner at the right time and place. Such a student never collides with rules and regulations which may lead to punishment.

  1. Observe hygiene measures

Hygiene is an important aspect that contributes to the student’s mental and physical wellbeing leading to improved performance. A student who observes hygiene is healthy and is rarely absent from school due to illnesses. They, therefore, do not miss attendance points.

On the other hand, an unhygienic student is disorganized and often fall ill from diseases caused by lack of hygiene such as colds, flu, diarrhea, etc.

  1. Eat healthy diet

A healthy diet is important for a healthy brain. College students should take a balanced diet with nutrients like omega 3 which helps in brain development. They should avoid depending on junk as meals.

Breakfast is a very important meal that you should embrace. Start your day with a healthy breakfast that is especially balance. Make three meals a day a rule and avoid skipping meals. Take enough fluid to keep the body hydrated and fit to study.

  1. Complete assignments and meet deadlines

Homework is a vital part of college studies that significantly helps improve performance. homework questions and essay writing assignments are required to be handled to the satisfaction of the teacher. Failure to meet the requirements by roughly doing your homework or failure to do leads to poor performance.

  1. Manage stress

Stress is a contributor to poor performance in college. When stressful situations are difficult to withhold, the student ends up in depression. Such a student cannot study effectively and this may result in poor performance.

Students should take stress management tips such as visiting a counselor, talking to a trusted person, engaging in co-curricular activities, seeking help from friends, etc. Stress should be curbed before it develops into depression and become hard to manage.

The don’ts for improving performance for college students

  1. substance abuse

College students are prone to using drugs due to peer pressure, curiosity, or even being notorious. Such Habit may develop into an addiction that is hard to stop. Substance abuse leads to the low capacity to study, poor concentration, health problems, and misconduct that affects studies which lead to failure.

  1. Engage in sexual behavior

Most youths explore their sexuality in college due to the availability of freedom and space. This is risky behavior that exposes the student to sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.

Sexually transmitted diseases render the student unhealthy to attend school and also lowers confidence and self-esteem, resulting in poor performance. Pregnancies on the other hand disrupt the student from studies when they have to go nurture the pregnancies.

  1. Be in bad company

Bad company has a negative influence on a student’s life and general behavior. Choosing your friends wisely based on common interests and goal is vital. Bad companies defy rules and regulations leading you in trouble with the school management.

Bad company can lead you to substance abuse, sexual immorality, criminal acts, and defying assignments. Such habits lead to poor performance.

To sum up

The do’s and don’ts for improving performance for college students are important tips that will bear results if followed. Your grade will improve gradually when you do what is necessary and avoid what is bad for your studies as described in this article.


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