Does Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

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Bed bugs are one the most difficult pests you can eradicate from your home. These tiny brownish-black insects can be sneaky hitchhikers. They will hide in backpacks and bags or any other personal items.

Bed bug infestations can ruin your home. Pesticides are becoming increasingly difficult to kill bed bug. This makes DIY treatments such as rubbing alcohol even more attractive.

Rucking alcohol is a stronger treatment than wintergreen, but it can still be used to repel bed bug. The treatment will dry quickly and they won’t touch it.

A high-percentage isopropyl mixture works well against bedbugs but it dries faster

Bed bugs can be repelled by strong odor’s of alcohols. This strong smell can repel bed bug, and pests won’t cross the area it is infested. This makes it easier to keep bed bug away from bedrooms. Pest Control Canberra

Simple Ways to Find Bed Bugs

Because they are so small, it can be hard to find them.

  • You can take a flashlight and use it to search the room for any signs of them. If you’re thorough, you might find them in seams in your mattress or in grooves on the headboard.
  • A magnifying glass or a UV flashlight may help you spot them easier. Their bodies will glow under black light, making them appear bright white.
  • By simply turning on the lights in your bedroom and pulling down the blankets, you can find bed bug. This might help you to spot them.

Why alcohol may not be the best choice

There are two ways alcohol can kill bedbugs. It works as a solvent, and the bug’s outer shell is eaten. Although the bedbugs can be killed by this dissolving action, it does provide an additional punch. You can use it to incite drying.

The alcohol evaporates the bugs inside and finishes the job after the outer shell is dissolved. It also kills eggs by destroying the egg and drying it out, stopping it from hatching.

It is inexpensive, easily available in every drugstore in the country, and it can be very effective. It’s easy to use and affordable.

How can you get rid bed bugs?

It can be hard to get rid of bed bug so it is best to hire professionals. If the bugs come back after you have removed them, it will frustrate you.

The bed bugs pest control professionals at Expert Pest Control will do a free inspection of your home, checking for signs of bed bugs in common hiding places. The technicians will then treat the areas affected for bed bugs and eggs. Our technicians have many methods to help you get rid bed bugs.


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