Do you Need a Recruiter or an Employer Agent?

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The marketplace is not a simple thing. There are many terms and many people who are controlling all this process. But sometimes many people become puzzled and choose the wrong person. It is one of the reasons for your loss. So when you are hiring someone for your business it’s important to know for which purpose you want a person and your actual motive. Then only you can get a lot of success in your business. 

Recruiter and employer agent give you almost the same service. But there are some differences between these two professions. 

So who is a recruiter?

A recruiter is a person who finds quality employees for a company. A recruiter is working like a via between an employee and the company. During the hiring process, they fulfill all the needs of the company and the employees. For finding the talent they use the end-to-end process. 

Sometimes a recruiter is also known as “headhunters” because they do a lot of things for a company. It’s very important to hire a perfect recruiter because if you hire a bad recruiter they won’t be able to give you perfect employees and it affects your business. So why not visit here for a top recruiter in Dubai? Just click here to get this opportunity.

And who is an Employer Agent?

An employer agent is a person who is appointed by Clint in construction, under a design and build contract to represent them and their interests pre and post Contract. It is a critical role and can be done by the architect, project manager, or cost consultant. As a client, you can also appoint an in-house project manager. They can help you to become their Employer’s Agent. Their work mostly starts after the construction contract is awarded. It is also possible that they carry out tasks on the client’s behalf before the contract is awarded. They can also provide input on processes as well as procedures that will be incorporated within the Contract.

Roles and responsibilities of a recruiter.

For a recruiter in dubai, it’s important to take care of some things. They have to take responsibility because a company is based on employees and they can find this for you. 

  • A recruiter has to develop recruitment goals and objectives.
  • A sustainable recruiting strategy is very important for an agency. They also take care of it. At first, they will research your goals and needs and then develop such sustainable strategies.
  • They give the Source of passive candidates to your business. 
  • For getting perfect and talented employees they Search resume databases. By this, they can hire the fittest candidates.
  • For knowing every need they communicate with hiring Managers.
  • A recruiter always has to be determined about the effectiveness and success of current recruiting plans and strategies. It can help them during the recruiting process.
  • The job description is very important for a company. It can attract quality candidates as well as spread the company’s awareness. But if a job description is not compiled then it can affect your company. That’s why it’s important to hire those recruiters who can do it well.
  • They have to Recommend new sources. It can help a company to get active and passive candidates.
  • A recruiter can help you by building up talent networks. It can find qualified active and passive candidates.
  • They use a multi-channel approach to recruit candidates.
  • A recruiter can evaluate the source that can bring the best candidates and a perfect person who can identify key recruiting KPIs.
  • They help a company by planning and implementing Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding. It helps a company attract high-quality applicants.
  • They create a program and then Interview candidates. They always follow the rules and regulations of the company for which they are hiring.
  • For evaluating if they meet the position requirement they also review the applicants.
  • A recruiter has to prepare a report on a weekly basis. 

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Roles and responsibilities of an Employer Agent:

There are also many rules and responsibilities of an employer agent. These are:

Work before contract:

  • They have to Coordinate the tender as well as the novation of the consultants involved.
  • Employer Agents have to Collat Contract documents to be executed.
  • They Put change control and reporting procedures in place.

After the Contract is awarded,

  • After this, they can help you by Managing the change control procedures. They also instruct agreed changes as required.
  • They can Coordinate the review of design information that is given by the contractor and attain the Client’s approval also the progress of the work. 
  • Employer Agents help a company by preparing reports for the Client by summarizing the current position of cost and program. 
  • They Certify payments as well as consider, review and agree on the outcome of any claims.
  • They Monitor commissioning and inspections and Certify Practical Completion. As well as Notify the contractor of any defects.


So it is up to you for which you need a person. You can go through this article then you can know the purpose of every single person. Then you can easily hire a Recruiter or an Employer Agent according to your needs.



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