Steps to Maintain Your Digital Flow Meter

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When you want the flow rate of processes that use fluids in plants and factories, you will need to use a device called a digital water flow meter. A flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate of fluids and gases flowing inside a pipe or an open channel. Flow rate is the speed at which fluids pass within a pipe, vessel, or orifice at a particular time. Proper flow measurement of fluid and gases in an industrial process allows the company to ensure safety and accuracy in creating high-quality products. 

Like any other device, efficiency is guaranteed when it is maintained properly. That is because flow meters are prone to damages that tend to lower their accuracy levels. To increase the lifespan of a digital flow meter, you first need to ensure that you have bought the right flow meter for the right application. Once you have done that, the flow meter has to be installed correctly. Proper installation allows the flow meter to perform its functions without any problem. 

You also need to ensure that the condition of the fluid matches the requirements of the flow meter. This ensures that the flow meter lasts for a long without getting damaged. Different flow meters will require varying maintenance requirements. When you buy a flow meter, you need to know the kind of maintenance needed to ensure it functions at optimum levels. In this post, we will discuss and explain to you how to calibrate a digital flow meter as a way of maintaining it so that it lasts for a long time before being replaced. 

Difference Between Digital Flow Meter Calibration & Re-calibration

When a flow meter is used for a long while, it tends to lose its accuracy levels. This doesn’t mean that replacement is necessary; it just means that it must be reset to restore its measurement accuracy. This process, which is also among the maintenance needed in a flow meter, is called re-calibration. Unfortunately, most operators mistake calibration for re-calibration, two separate processes done to maintain a flow meter. First, a flow meter is calibrated before being used. Then, once you buy a flow meter, a reputable manufacturer will calibrate it for you to ensure that it is operating at optimum levels. This process is what is called calibration. 

Once a flow meter is in use in a plant process and has been used for a while, it tends to lose its accuracy. To restore it to its proper accuracy levels, it has to be re-calibrated. The difference between calibration and re-calibration is that calibration is done before the flow meter is installed and used. Then, re-calibration is done to restore it to its usual working condition. Now that you know about calibration and re-calibration let’s define the varying types of calibration for maintaining flow meters. 

Types of Calibration Procedures 

Digital flow meters can be calibrated in various ways. All these methods involve comparing and adjusting a particular digital flow meter to conform to universal measurement requirements. The most widely used types of calibration include:

Master Meter Calibration 

This type of flow calibration is performed by comparing two sets of the same type of flow meters, where one is performing at optimal levels, and the other one needs calibration. 

Gravimetric Calibration

This type of flow meter calibration offers cost-effective and most accurate mass and volumetric calibration. It is used to calibrate liquid flow meters used in petrochemical, water purification, and oil industries. 

Piston Prover Calibration 

While performing the piston prover flow meter calibration, fluid is forced through a flow meter that needs to be tested. The piston prover instrument has a cylindrical shape with known internal diameter. 


To get the best out of your flow meter, performing proper maintenance is critical no matter which type of flow meter you are using. One of the maintenance activities is the calibration of flow meters. This task should also be done in the correct way to serve its purpose. We hope that this post was helpful and you can now perform effective maintenance on your flow meter. 


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