Different Types Of Tyres Based On New Technology

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The wheel is arguably the greatest inventions of all time. You may disagree with this statement but cannot deny that the whole transportation system we see today came into existence because of the invention of the wheel. As they say, the best invention after the wheel was to put two of them together. Since then, it is rolling like anything. Although people argue that it is impossible to re-invent the wheels, the world has seen some clever innovations since its inception. Tyres that are made today are vastly different from the tyres made in the older days. From the use of synthetic polymers, antioxidants etc., in their making to creating season-special Winter Tyres Milton Keynes, it has come a long way.

We are going to look at some of the most creative and mind-boggling innovations in the world of tyres –

Car Charging Tyre

Well, the geeks out there are killing it with their brains. As the name suggests, this Goodyear’s tyre launched in 2015 can charge a car by transforming the energy generated by the heat. Electric cars are the future, but their most common problem, which the makers are worried about, is their battery retaining capacity. To be honest, we do not have enough electric-car stations, and Goodyear converted this problem into an opportunity for them by creating a tyre that can give backup electricity supply to the car.

Airless Non-pneumatic Tyre

A Korean tyre manufacturing company Hankook took it upon themselves to design a tyre that does not require air pressure to run, and guess what; they did it. Hankook made non-pneumatic tyres with the ability to run at 130 km/ph without air pressure. The company’s a research & development wing made significant efforts to match up the expectations, and they did manage to do so in the speed test.

3D Printed Ultra-connected Bio-sourced Concept

From our watches to a television set, everything has become ‘smart’, and we are smart enough to go for these products. Michelin outsmarted everyone when they launched their 3D Printed ultra-connected bio-sourced concept tyres, which are capable of communicating with the user. These rechargeable Tyres Milton Keynes are smart enough to keep you safe and can adjust themselves to any road or climatic conditions.

Air Cleaning Tyre

Goodyear did it again. A tyre that cleans the air? It sounds like a dream for governments and climate activists, but Goodyear made it possible with their innovation called Oxygene. This tyre helps in maintaining the air quality by absorbing the carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen. Well, we must say this tyre is more responsible than most humans.

Artificially Intelligent

Anybody remembers the ‘Minority Report’ by Tom Cruise? The movie set in future featured some magnificent cars with spherical tyres. Well, the future is here, and it’s Goodyear again. 

This spherical shaped tyre launched in Geneva is a product of artificial intelligence and is a dream for car lovers.

Space Tyres

These tyres were developed by none other than NASA and are meant to be designed for space colonization. Yes, you read that right. We should apply for the space driving license because these tyres will make car riding possible in space. They are sturdy, non-pneumatic, airless tyres with a good load-carrying capacity.

All-Weather Tyres 

Don’t confuse this remarkable innovation with all-season tyres. Of course, it is an all-season tyre, but because it can adapt to any conditions. This tyre has wheel-compressors which can mould its feature according to the roads and climate. Continental designs it for users who love long drives and cannot keep themselves away from the road.

So, these were some of the coolest innovations in the field of tires. It is safe to assume that we will see more types of tyres in the future, and artificial intelligence will play a big role in that. This is just the beginning; wait till you get your MARS driving license.


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