Different Types Of Materials Used In Plantation Shutters

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The first question is what exactly are plantation shutters? 

Plantation shutters, which are also known as plantation blinds, are mostly used on large windows. They are shutters inside our rooms which have large louvers. In case you don’t know what louvers are, then they are just a presentable name for the window blinds with horizontal slats. 

The shutters look plush because of their big louvers. These window coverings are totally flexible as they can be presented in the bedrooms to the kitchens to the dining rooms; anywhere in the house. 

The plantation shutters in Stuart come in three main types of material which are wood, vinyl, and composite shutters. Every single one of them is different in its own way, so choosing one specific out of the three can get difficult. The following will help to guide you in finding the best shutters for your home:


The composite plantation blinds are also known as faux wood or engineered wood. They are built from fake wood; Medium-Density fiberboard or MDF which is enclosed in a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or vinyl sheathing. These shutters are much more affordable than wood blinds. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also have innumerable rangings. They are strongly built and most of them are resistant to outside environments like weather and humidity. They fill the room with artistry, allure, and imperishability. 

They provide you with a lot of options and along with that, they also contemplate an amazing standard for manufacturing. Their hard coating of wood composite material provides them with implausible durability. They are up for grabs in a variation of light-hued and pale neutrals. To match your taste of home decor, they also come with an assortment of hinge finishes.  

Benefits of these blinds include:

  • Durable than vinyl and resistant to moisture
  • Have the aesthetics of wood blinds
  • Affordable alternative to wooden blinds
  • Come out in different variations
  • Water-proof, moisture-proof, and humidity-resistant making it the most versatile option


Prefabrication is done in vinyl and composite shutters, unlike wood plantation shutters which are easy to acuminate into customized silhouettes and measurements. Other than this, wood can easily be painted, not to mention that these wood plantation shutters in Palm City are paradigmatic and will only prove to be a great choice for your home. 

They can be the most ultimate and deluxe choice you ever make as their strength-to-weight ratio is the largest which only adds to its qualities of being strong but weightless. However, they are not the best choice for rooms with a plethora of humidity or moisture. The best shutters are usually made from lightweight basswood or poplar woods which are naturally beautiful. 

Benefits of these shutters include: 

  • Ease of maintenance 
  • No blemishes or defects
  • Durable in nature and adds value
  • Authentic and elegant
  • Energy-efficient as insulation keeps costs down



Vinyl blinds are cost-effective and are the cheapest of the above-mentioned shutters. These shutters do not have any wood, although they contain aluminum supports or PVC to be stable. They have great resistance from weather and moisture, unlike wood plantation shutters.    

These shutters come in five different variations:

  • Vinyl-clad wood: It is hardwood sheathed in vinyl. They are strong and durable with the properties of vinyl which makes them weather-resistant.
  • Solid vinyl with aluminum insert: This offers the subsistence of the metal aluminum along with a low profile. 
  • Solid vinyl: It is loaded with blown PVC. They are stable and have a low cost. 
  • Structured hollow vinyl: Despite being considered hollow, their structure is way better. It consists of a basic vinyl structure within the blinds to bear the weight of the blind, therefore, decreasing the bulge in the vinyl. 

Hollow vinyl: These shutters are just hollow vinyl frames. They are the least expensive of all but they can bulge over time and have size problems as such frames can’t withstand bigger frames.


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