Different types of Joggers: How And When To Wear Them

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The field of fashion is experiencing an increase in popularity of the new trend of joggers. Joggers have become a crucial part of every wardrobe and make a person look cool and classy. When worn with the perfect uppers, they make up a good outfit and can be worn at varied events. 

The jogger is considered to be a must-have style both for men and women, including children. They have worked perfectly in replacing the uncomfortable jeans, pants, and trousers to a certain extent. Although the lightweight and comfortable joggers for men have an athletic appearance, they have changed their area of use. The use of joggers is no longer limited to sports and work as the new comfortable pants and a new wardrobe staple. 

Joggers have shown advancements in their styling and material used. Thanks to the flourishing trends, the joggers now come in sweat-pant styles and can be used instead of the pants we used to wear to cope with the clothing standards of a particular event. 

Different types of joggers

As told above, the field of fashion is booming with trends; there are various joggers available in the market. They come in various sophisticated and slimline styles and look cool and contemporary if styled correctly. 

The popularity and love for joggers have attracted many designers to come up with new and innovative designs of lowers with premium quality. These stylists and designers continually work on the experimentation of joggers and make you available with various options. 

Mainly, joggers are available in the market in three different types. 

  • Sports joggers
  • Lounge joggers
  • Everyday joggers

How to style joggers?

As joggers come in various styles and designs, they need to be styled differently to get the best look. Be it joggers for men or women; there are endless ways in which you can style a jogger and come up with the best outfit of the day. How a person styles his joggers depends on how good he is at dealing with clothes and how much styling knowledge he has. 

We can help you in styling your joggers based on the type of joggers you have invested in. Here are some pairing combinations, following which you can get the best possible outfit.

  • Pair your joggers with a casual t-shirt

No matter which type of jogger you invest in, pairing it up with a regular t-shirt can provide you the most casual and comfortable outfit. This is one of the easiest ways to look cool and chic by wearing joggers. The choice of the color of t-shirt you can wear depends totally on you. But make sure that you go with joggers with a slim fit to prevent yourself from getting a sloppy look. To complete your outfit with a t-shirt and a lower, you can end up wearing sneakers as your footwear, and you are good to go with the perfect outfit of your day. 

  • Sweatshirts with joggers

Another clothing item that you can pair up with joggers to get the perfect outfit is a sweatshirt. This can work as a seriously stylish streetwear outfit. This combination has become more popular with the rise in the trends of a jogger. However, you have to be very wise in choosing the matching sweatshirts with your joggers. With this wise choice, you can get a good outfit out of your joggers. You can polish your outfit by pairing it up with appropriate footwear. You can wear stylish sneakers, boots, or sports shoes to enhance the look of your outfit. To make your outfit eye-catchy, pair it with some stylish accessories.

  • Track jackets

The combination of track jackets and a jogger is considered most comfortable pair in every wardrobe. This can work as the best sportswear appeal for your outfit. This combination can provide you with an aesthetic vibe, and you can carry this comfortable look while meeting your friends, going on an outing, or hanging out. 

If you want to make this combo stand out, pair it up with stylish shoes, mainly sports ones. 

Final thoughts

You can pair your joggers with almost every clothing item in your wardrobe, like hoodies for men. However,  those who are confused with how to wear them outside their houses can follow the above basic combinations and get the results as the best outfits with your joggers. But to get the best outcome for your outfits, you need to buy premium quality joggers. You can get this purpose delivered by doing the buying work from Bewakoof’s online store. 


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