Different types of Christmas candy packaging

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Christmas is a dedicated festival to spread love and joy, families and loved ones spend this time during holidays while many businesses like retail custom candy packaging take advantage of this by offering discount deals. 

Many people will have gatherings, give away gifts, and enjoy eating food together to celebrate this time of year. Christmas traditions bring together our glorious heritage and past onto next generations. In this blog, we are going to discuss different types of Christmas candy packaging.

custom candy packaging
custom candy packaging

You can entice your customers with designed Christmas candy boxes. Christmas theme gable boxes are available in an assorted range of items and can be used as giveaways. Godiva Petit fours, lifesaver candy canes, Dove Gift Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark, M&M’s Peanut Brittle, White Twixmas cookie bars, Skittles Ugly sweater edition, and White Resee’s Peanut butter trees are different types of candy packaging.

Types of Christmas candy packaging:

Different types are as follows:

Godiva petit fours:

There is not any Christmas chocolate like Godiva really and it’s delicious with fine packaging. It feels as if the whole holiday season is packed into one box and contains a smart design. 

Lifesaver candy canes:

When people think about life-saving Christmas candy packaging, they are usually thinking about the set of life-saving Christmas storybooks. Candy canes are one of the most iconic symbols that are interesting to see tied to holiday seasons.

White Resee’s Peanut butter trees:

Resee’s get into Christmas candy packaging act with some festive inner packaging. It also shows some snow peanut-covered butter trees. After all, what is better than a Christmas tree and an edible one full of peanut butter.

White Twixmas cookie bars:

Twix max goes all with cookie bars and a snowy white wrapper covered in snowflakes and golden holiday objects. It also serves as Santa’s hat and that’s what takes the cake. Is that an attractive name for holidays i.e. Twixmas? 


Skittles Ugly sweater edition:

We don’t know about you but everyone loves Skittles ugly sweater addition and sweater parties. More and more ugly sweaters go hand in hand with a sweater. It also takes the holiday tradition and wraps their candy with a great idea. 

M&M’s Peanut Brittle:

It is one of the most amazing and recognizable candy brands out there. It does a great job with theme packaging and Christmas maybe even more appropriately during wintertime. It seems to be no exception with the poor freezing mascot decked out in Santa hat and though peanut is not necessarily Christmas exclusive. No doubt you can’t deny the fact that it is a funny pun.

Dove Gift Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark:

Dove gift dark chocolate peppermint bark is equally simple but clever to wrap each piece like present elevates and I don’t think anyone can wait until Christmas morning to unwrap these. We just love this custom candy packaging the most.


Christmas custom candy boxes trend during the Christmas time and companies order packaging boxes designed for candy gifts that you are going to present to your loved ones.


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