Designing Wearable Technologies to Solve Pressing Health Challenges

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Technologies have made life easier to the extent that you cannot live without using technology. The current pandemic has made the technology even more important and influential. Being healthy has always been essential, and the pandemic has made it a compulsion. Now, how has technology ensured a person’s well-being? It is not rare to see people looking at their watch now and then. But are they checking the time? Well, not always. These watches ensure monitoring of your health constantly and provide all the elements to maintain your health.

The following is a discussion on the impact of wearable technologies on pressing health issues. It will help you understand how technology has changed the way people maintain their health.

The present generation looks for avenues that can solve their problems faster. The idea of smart living is not new, and the advancement of technology has been continuous. You will encounter new technology every day. It is essential to understand them and use them well to solve your daily problems. For example, students have seen how calculators have evolved and helped them solve various issues. The integral calculator is a notable example of evolving technology.

Smart homes are in the process of development. You will get everything at the click of a button once the smart home technology comes into being. So, the day is not far when smart homes will be a reality. But before that, let’s understand how smart technology has changed the overall livelihood.

Smartwatches are some notable examples of wearable technologies. The smartwatches are not only designed to show you the correct time, but they can do more than that. For example, you can monitor your pulse, heartbeat, sleeping time, etc., with the smartwatch. Thus, wearable technology has helped people keep track of their health on the go. A similar concept can be found in smart bands.

The design of wearable technologies matters. Here’s a discussion on the same with a proper explanation of the reasons behind the designs.

Why Do the Designs of the Wearables Matter?

You might not realize how the smart bands monitor your health and give live updates. It is because these wearables are designed in a way to keep track of your health. In addition, the wearables have sensors to understand your health. So the devices have played a pivotal role in the whole health monitoring process. But the companies will not make a profit without having something to attract the customers.

The wearables must have something to attract the customers. Positioning the product as a health monitoring device might not attract customers. Therefore, it is essential to know the elements that can grab the attention of users. As per a report, Facett made sure that the hearing aids they designed could attract customers. The transition from disability to desirability was needed in these cases.

Diabetes measuring machines or devices are well recognized across the world. How will you keep track of your sugar level? It will be a massive hurdle to regularly go to a diagnostic centre and check your blood sugar level. The monitoring device checks the blood sugar level and provides you with an accurate result. You can get your sugar level checked without going to a diagnostic centre.

The importance and influence of wearable technologies can be understood with the above examples. You cannot deny the effect of such technology in the present scenario. It is important to be fit and monitor your health constantly. Despite such massive advantages, there are few limitations to the technology. Let’s have a look into it.

Limitations of Wearable Technology

These devices are essential, and many of you use them. But there are a few limitations to it. It is vital to know both sides of such technology. There are few things that you need to know before using the wearables. The following points will help you learn the same:

  • Power management

The wearables need to be charged frequently to work properly. You will never understand how long the battery will last after fully charging the device. The battery consumption depends on your usage. It is not possible to understand or monitor your usage every time. Power management is a serious issue, and it needs to be taken care of while using wearable devices.

  • Software updates

Everyone is not technically sound. You will not know the procedure of updating the software on your smartwatch if you are not tech-savvy. It is essential to keep these things updated if you want to have a smooth overall experience. You will be unable to monitor your health correctly if you do not update the software regularly.

  • Security

Technology is not always secure. You take all the necessary precautions to avoid any security breach yet fall into a trap to cyber-crimes. Security is a significant concern for these wearable devices. You need to know the correct ways to secure these things and use the devices properly. Wearable devices are helpful, yet you need to take security into account while using the devices.

  • Management of network

The devices run on some network. It is not guaranteed that the network strength will be the same everywhere. You will run the risk of being in a place where the network is unstable. The devices might not work correctly in such places. It is essential to know this limitation before using or purchasing such devices.


Health and technology go hand-in-hand. The various devices to monitor health has made people more conscious about their well-being. Very few do not use smart bands or watches to monitor their health. You might not address a pressing health issue, but you can get the warning and take the necessary precautions.

The use of technology in these aspects has always been beneficial and will continue to be so in the future. Also, knowing the limitations of the technology will help you overcome the same.


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