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This post is suited for a blogger who wants to make his blog a personal branding. I have tried this logo maker several times. The results are quite tantalizing. After reading this review, you can learn more.

DesignEvo is a freemium logo design maker tool that can help you have a professional logo in minutes. No design experience is required. Please try by utilizing the millions of icons and more than 100 font choices available.

What can you get from DesignEvo?

5 benefits of making a logo design with DesignEvo

1. More time saving

No need to download an application. Just access all the design tools using your favorite browser. This can make it easier for you when you have to make a logo in a fast time. However, for those who have a lot of time, desktop and mobile applications can be downloaded free via the official website.

2. Available logo design template

Design is always closely related to ideas before making a creation. Ever wanted to make a logo but ran out of ideas? Well, DesignEvo has provided more than 10,000 design themes in various styles, models and proportional sizes. So you just have to choose it for free, and then develop it according to your creativity.

3. Many icons and font options

A logo, of course, has a special meaning both in art and philosophy. You can easily apply these needs with DesignEvo. Make sure the logo you make can represent your personal brand.

4. Full design costumes for you

In addition to providing tens of thousands of templates, icons, fonts, background images and other support elements. DesignEvo also allows you to customize with the feature to create a logo from scratch. So, your logo can be different from other logos.

5. Cloud storage system

Besides, you can directly download the logo design creations. DesignEvo also provides a cloud-based storage system. You can just make edits and redesigns for the logo that you previously created, for free.

How can you use DesignEvo to make your logo?

After you have learned some benefits you can get from DesignEvo, you definitely want to know how you can manage your logo project.

After access its homepage, you can click into the middle of the homepage to start designing.

And then, according to your own ideas, you can find the template you want, first as a basis for the design.

After you have selected the template, there are four tools on the left-hand side that can be added or modified.

In addition to the icons you have, you can add other patterns, such as the computer. You can change the color of the font itself and the adjustments to the font. The difference between the added pattern and the first illustration is that it is more of another decorative pattern next to it. This comparison belongs to changing the entire picture’s background color, and other colors can also be used to click on the text. The most special thing is that the control of the gradient color is particularly good.

After you have modified your design, you can use the preview function. The preview application is displayed on the book cover, T-shirt, and one for reference. Save when you remember to avoid the file disappearing, and then download it when you are done.

The main thing below is to control the bottom surface, how large the pixels, how much size is important, and the position between the icons and texts can be adjusted.

Finally, when you press “Download,” you need to help share it on social media, and it will be used as free, so it is very good to provide services to everyone for free.


DesignEvo is very handy for you if you are going to make a logo and have no design skills. So, please don’t hesitate to try this tool and make your own logos.


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