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For those looking to expand their skills and knowledge of digitizing and take your embroidery to the subsequent level, this blog is for you. We will talk about everything you need to know about auto digitizing. Let’s get started. 

What Is Manual Digitizing with Embroidery Software?

Manual digitizing is when the embroidery digitizer uses embroidery software to manually translate a picture or design into embroidery. The embroiderer gets to settle on how the planning will stitch out, in what order the layers will close, stitch angles, and which colours to use.

Embroidery auto digitizing software is often great if used correctly and maybe on simpler graphics, supplemented by manual digitizing skills. Manual digitizing skills always go extended thanks to assisting you to get the standard results you would like.

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What Is Auto Digitizing with Embroidery Software?

The software will choose the acceptable layers, stitch counts, colours, and more, supporting the algorithms it uses to digitize a logo or graphic.

Auto digitizing is employed to save lots of time and energy, but in doing so, it can cause structural and stitching problems together with your designs. This is often very true when auto digitizing more complex designs. We’ll get to the present a touch further down.

What Digitizing Software Is Ideal For Me?

When choosing a software brand, it’s best to seek out one with the foremost relevant and effective training resources. Sometimes cheaper brands will seem desirable for his or her relatively low cost, but it becomes a burden once you discover that the manual and training resources are hard to know or poorly written. to not mention, their algorithms might not be as advanced or their layout as user-friendly.

Is Embroidery Auto Digitizing Software Worth It?

Yes and no. It depends on the complexity of the brand and graphic used and therefore the operator’s skill. Within the hands of a novice who doesn’t know better, embroidery auto digitizing software will seem to figure wonders, but within the eyes of an experienced digitizer.

Auto digitizing software does exactly wChat it’s meant to try to, but sometimes it doesn’t do things in a logical order or in a way that will translate well to embroidery. The software takes what it sees within the order it had been presented and digitizes it. It’s unable to distinguish better angels or fills for a cleaner design. That’s your job.

Should I Find Out How To Digitize?

The answer is yes. You don’t get to become the simplest digitizer within the world. you only need enough skills to form your job easier and your work better. You’ll find many ways to use manual digitizing skills to save lots of your time and hassle.

However, correcting auto-digitized work can take hours. Complex designs that are auto-digitized would require much editing to urge an honest result together with your machine. You’ll need to adjust the image node by node, stitch by stitch, to not make it bulletproof. 

What If I exploit High-Quality Images?

Albeit you employ a vector file – a file that contains proper nodes, formatting, and determination

The embroidery software will auto-digitize the planning supported by the layers the artist created in their graphic, which could cause excessive stitch counts, incorrect push and pull compensation, too many jumps and trims, and image distortion.

Manual digitizing may be a great skill to possess when working with images you’d import to be embroidered. It allows you to regulate, improve, and properly import illustrations. You’ll ultimately create a far better piece, with less time spent fixing mistakes.

Which Graphics Software Should I Learn?

None! you ought to learn to use embroidery digitizing software. 

There’s no got to learn graphics software to then import the image into a digitizing software and adjust it or re-digitize it everywhere again. It’ll prevent stress from learning good digitizing software and creating your designs at the source, where the other graphic or file would ultimately find itself.

Try It Yourself

If you would like to ascertain exactly how auto-digitizing works and understand where you’ll make improvements by manually digitizing, download an attempted version of any reputable digitizing software. Doing this is often a superb initiative to understand more about digitizing for free of charge.


Although auto-digitizing could seem sort of a clean solution to getting your designs digitized quickly, most of the time, it isn’t. Any software brand does the simplest it can to digitize the designs automatically.

That’s why we wanted to shed light on things. Even with high-quality vector files, auto-digitizing won’t generate the simplest results. Having the talent to digitize designs and pictures manually may be a must.

Remember, there’s no got to learn to use graphics software if you’ll be bringing images into a digitizing software anyways. You’d basically be creating an equivalent design twice and wasting your valuable time.  

If you still have any questions about the topic or anything related to embroidery digitizing, feel free to reach out to us at Migdigitizing. 


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