Custom pyramid boxes – what designing twist can you add in your product business?

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In the current times, it requires plenty of effort to entice the customers. However, it is also a known fact that the packaging of the product needs to be impressive; otherwise, you may lose your customers. And in this context, the uniquely designed packaging solutions are quite helpful for the brands. Likewise, other custom dimensions, the shape of the product packaging is also available in a number of options. Out of so many versatile shaping options, one out of ordinary shape is custom pyramid boxes. These boxes are very versatile and provide a unique presentation to your products at the retail counters. 

Moreover, when you add the twist of the latest design these boxes look more elegant and catch the eyes of the customers. You can also found some luxurious products in these types of boxes like:

  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Favors
  • Gifts 

All the above-mentioned products are of high quality and need an up-to-mark packaging solution. So, to complement the products, brands go for unique packaging ideas. Some of the trendy design twists for the pyramid boxes are discussed here for you. 

Patching of Window on the pyramid boxes:

Windows that look transparent are proposed to showcase the inside product to the customers. And the products that are themselves alluring deserve to be present in front of the customers. So, if you are selling such products and using the pyramid shape packaging, then you surely need to attach the transparent plastic sheet like a window on it. This window would be available in various shapes. It means you can even patch a triangular window on the pyramid boxes. All these options are available for the custom pyramid boxes that are designed as per the packaging needs of the customers. 

Print inside what you need to say to customers:

Another magnificent way to intensify the impact of your pyramid packaging is to print it from the inside. Yes, the custom packaging options allow you to print your packaging from any side you want. Now to create the unique and out of ordinary packaging look, you need to print it from both sides. When the customer opens the box, the printed information would amaze them. In addition to printing the design, you can also print the information that includes personalized messages. Such messages entail:

  • Hi, Madam. 
  • We care for you.
  • Eat well and think well. 

This sort of small but personalized message makes the customers happier and satisfied, and as a result, they would prefer to repurchase the products. So, it is quite clear that new trends of pyramid packaging designs assist a vendor in growing more swiftly. 

Attach ribbons and embellishment for favor pyramid boxes:

It is also observed that small size custom pyramid packaging is used for favors. However, it is a business event, fashion event, or a wedding ceremony, and there are a number of people who use pyramid packaging for their favors. The reason is only one, its unique and out of ordinary shape. But in order to make the packaging solutions with the event, various types of decorative material are annexed on it. On the other hand, the decoration of these boxes is not limited to the embellished accessories, but you can also add your brand image by printing it according to your event specification. Some of the ideas to decorate these small pyramid favor boxes are here. 

  • Ribbons and bows.
  • Beads and crystals.
  • Flowers and buttons.
  • Butterflies and cloth strings.  

However, you can use digital and offset printing for these packaging solutions as per your budget. 

Embossing effect on the custom pyramid packaging:

In order to add real glam in the packaging styles, various sorts of latest printing techniques are available, like you can add the embossing effect that shows your information in the form of raised content. This would add a stylish design that would look so impressive as well as unique. It is totally similar to engraving and provides a luxurious presentation to your products. Mostly this type of design is added to the packaging that is going to encapsulate the branded products. And the triangular shape of the box with this type of design adds real glory to the product. 

Foiling to print logo impressively:

Foil colors and metallic tones make the packaging funkier and appealing, but the trend of using gold, silver, and other shades on the full boxes is almost diminish. Instead of this, a new and trendy option of annexing a metallic shade on the packaging is foil stamping. When you print your brand details in the shiny metallic shade on the packaging, it will create a mesmerizing impact. On the other hand, these colors make your brand information more prominent. When customers see the product, these shiny colors attract them abruptly. It means this option would be suitable for your pyramid packaging. 

Laser-cut for the dynamic look:

One of the most wanted packaging designs for the pyramid box packaging is laser cut design. Small or large size cute pyramid boxes, when available in laser-cut look made the customers bound to purchase the product at once. However, it is observ that such types of packaging solutions influence the impulse buying decision of the customers at the retail outlets. Therefore, mostly, the retailer uses such types of products displayed at the front of the retail shelves and counters. So, if you want your products at such prominent positions at the various retail outlets, then you really need high-quality laser-cut pyramid boxes. However, the laser cut provides dimensionally accurate cuts to the design of the pyramid packaging. 

Summing up:

All the ideas that are detail in the above discussion enhance the glorification of the product display. It means if you are in search of some ideas to upgrade the custom pyramid box packaging, then these ideas are just designed for you. However, if you want to get the best price deals, then you need to go with custom pyramid boxes wholesale



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