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Today, even the best photos and gifs are being overtaken by video. According to a survey, people stay 2 minutes longer on websites with videos than on websites without videos. Anything can happen in two minutes online, so why not take advantage of it? A video intro is exactly what it sounds like, a short, direct, introductory video that tells the viewer everything they need to know about your product and business, setting the tone for your brand and the rest of your content. Incorporating a video introduction to your website can be an effective way to capture the attention of your visitors. A video intro allows you to tell a story, bring your business to life, and increase conversions. With that in mind, we’re going to give you six tips for creating video intros that generate leads and connect with your audience.

Six tips for creating video intros

1. Make sure you have a goal

Don’t create intros for videos just to make them. If your YouTube intro is boring and doesn’t offer value to viewers, what is its purpose? Your video has to have a goal. What do you want me to do? What are you trying to communicate? The purpose of your video may include:

  • Show the talent of your team.
  • Introduce your company to your audience and explain what you do.
  • Highlight your product and show how it works.
  • Identify how your product is created.

2. Keep it short

Your audience will determine whether or not they will see your video based on two things: its number of likes and its length. To maximize the impact of your intro video, be sure to keep it short. To capture and hold their attention, it should be between two to three minutes. If it’s longer than three minutes, be sure to load it up with the most important information at the beginning.

3. Humanize your brand

People want to work with other people, but it can be difficult to find this human connection in the digital world. Luckily, a great intro video can make this a lot easier. Video intros are a great way to humanize your brand, show your personality, and share what it’s really like to work with your company. Some simple ways to highlight your personality include:

  • Show clips of your team working.
  • Use personal clips from your office (show your space or your pet).
  • Include face-to-face interviews.
  • Be yourself. This makes it easier for your audience to identify with your project and connect with your company.

4. End your video with a call to action

You might have the best YouTube intro ever made, but this wouldn’t matter if you’re not telling your visitors what to do next. Don’t keep them waiting. As them to like your video, subscribe to your channel or share the video. No matter what kind of action you want them to do, make sure it is clearly displayed at the end of the video. You can also consider including a button or a form.

5. Disable autoplay

Do you remember when you were a kid that your parents made you do things you didn’t want to do? The same works with the autoplay of the intros for videos. Don’t autoplay your video. Make them want to see it. People these days are always doing many tasks, and there is nothing more annoying than having multiple tabs open and listening to a video playing without knowing where it came from. Give your audience the opportunity to look at the content on the page. If they are interested in what you have to offer, they are more likely to stick around and hit play.

6. Don’t save on video quality

You are not publishing a video on your personal account of your social networks, but you are presenting your brand with an intro for YouTube on a professional website. Think twice before using an old camera. According to Brightcove, 62% of consumers tend to have a negative perception of a brand that posts a poor quality video. To ensure that you produce high-quality videos, you will need to:

  • Avoid any noise or overexposure when filming.
  • Pay attention to lighting.
  • If you are highlighting your staff, make sure everyone looks good and the office is clean.
  • Stabilize the camera with a tripod.
  • If you don’t have the equipment ready, buy a new camera (enjoy camera coupons here) or work with someone who has the experience and suitable equipment.
  • Give your audience the best representation of your brand. The poor quality of your website can indicate the poor quality of your products or services.


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