Create A Content Masterpiece Through These Top Proofreading and Editing Tips

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What is one of the most common misperceptions about content creation? Proofreading and editing are the same thing and both can be implemented simultaneously just like website design company in Malaysia.

And if you think a person can research, write, proofread, and edit their own pieces, you’re wrong and avoid publishing that content.

It doesn’t matter if you have a website design company in Malaysia or work as a solo content creator, here is what you need to know on creating a content masterpiece through exceptional proofreading and editing work.

How to edit? A 5-step process

After wearing the editor’s hat, you’ll be following this 5-step process.

  • Do you understand the purpose of the content? Before putting out your piece on the web, it is your job to understand your content first. (A pro tip: ask your content creators to write a couple of lines at the top explaining who is the target audience and why is the content created)
  • Steps in the shows of your readers. It’s time to keep the pen down and only scroll down by reading as any typical reader would.
  • Step in the role you’ve come here to fulfil. Become an editor by reviewing the piece and noting down the instances where and why the content isn’t going well.
    • Is the opening sentence acting as a hook statement and grabbing the reader’s attention?
    • Is the content emphasizing on a single theme throughout till the end?
    • Is every sentence and paragraph easy to understand?
    • Does the content flow in an even, logical manner?
    • Does the content perfectly convey your brand voice and style?
  • Halt, now edit! This depends on the level of editing required. If the content requires too many revisions, mark the instances and revert back to the content creator. If the process or timelines doesn’t allow you to do so, go ahead and implement the revisions yourself.
  • Go through the piece for the last time to ensure everything is in order from the reader’s and brand’s perspective.

Now with the content is a pretty good shape the reader’s perspective intact, it is time to gauge further elements of the piece.

Scrutinize the factual accuracy and appropriate credits

If you have a detailed guide in hand stuffed with statistics, facts, dates, opinions, and quotes, it is timely importance to ensure their authenticity.

In the case of blogs or other online pieces of content, the links added should stem back to the original source, and not to another link posting the original content.

Do the numbers

If the content is working on numbers and equations, make sure the numbers add up correctly. For instance, if you’re stating that 80% of the office colleagues opt for vanilla icecream flavour over chocolate, you wouldn’t write, “around one-third of people like chocolate flavour” in the subsequent sentences.

Review through the created style guide

Your team’s content strategist, or being a senior editor yourself, must have created a thorough style guide pertaining everything from the brand’s style to basic dictations for the new content creators.

Make sure the content has followed the guidelines exclusively laid down for creating specific content pieces.

How to proofread?

The proofreading is a quick phase. A proofreader cannot to review the content is one quick swipe and catch everything that need fixing.

Similar to editing, proofreading too is a multi-step process. Each step requires its own review taking the piece of content.

Figure out the flow and comprehension

Even though this step falls under the jurisdiction of editing process, proofreaders must too read the content for a proper review.

In case a flaw is encountered, the obvious move is to have it fixed, preferably after buying in the editor’s input.

Become a Grammar Nazi

I mean literally! Even if people typically start to make fun of you. Being a pro proofreader, you need to have the subject-match-the-verb eyesight.

Inspect the spellings

Some might argue that it falls under the Grammar Nazi context, but checking spellings isn’t an easy prospect as most people think.

Apparently, checking for spell errors from left to right, up to down, won’t give you much, as our brains are wired to skim through content as pre-conceived leaving out glitches.

Start with the last word of the content, or paragraph, and go in reverse all the way to the top, the focus will dig out all the errors that the content creator might have caused.

See the content in published form

It might not seem much, but the final content in the published can actually look different as compared to the edited piece in MS Word.

Are all the subheading appearing with a similar typography and font size? Are there any unwanted line breaks? Is the content replicating the table of contents? Are all the inserted links working correctly?


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