Considerations and the importance of the annual Tax return

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March, as every year, is the month when the annual declaration of legal entities must also be submitted.

It is crucial to be clear about what information we need at the time of the presentation. At the moment, the SAT has data that we provide month by month that serves as the basis for Income Tax calculation


It is possible to avoid filing an extension by filing your tax return early. Sometimes time extensions may be required because of disorganization, not financial need. If you delay filing your taxes to the last minute, it may be that you need more time to locate deductions and collect receipts.


We must use that page to send the statement. There is preloaded information corresponding with income, payroll deductions, and what corresponds to the provisional income tax. However, there are other fields we need to fill out that require additional calculations, such as the annual adjustment to inflation.

The following information is required to calculate the tax result.


Cumulative Income is a case in which the authority uses the data from the provisional monthly payments. It is therefore important to ensure that the correct determination has been made.

Preparing your taxes in advance can help you get the information you need to make a major life change, such as buying a house or returning to college.


Students applying for financial aid use information from their 1040 forms. Potential homebuyers must also show completed tax returns to prove income. It is possible to save time by getting your taxes done early regardless of whether or not you expect to receive a refund. As proof of income, potential homebuyers will often need to present their tax returns.


Two situations need to be considered when deducting. One is payroll. We have the viewer from the SAT to check that payroll receipts have been stamped correctly. This will ensure that we don’t have any problems with deductions corresponding to this category. Another situation is payroll. It is important to validate all CFDI’s and make sure that they are all registered in accounting. This will allow us to apply a large portion of the authorized deductions.

Fixed assets and their depreciation.

It is recommended to keep a file for fixed assets. This will allow you to track acquisitions made during the year and all assets owned by the company.

Inflation adjustment each year

Although the annual adjustment for inflation is a tax deduction determined based upon our accounting balances, it is crucial to correctly determine this calculation as it could result in accumulative income and an authorized deduction.


Many of the above information can be derived from our accounting. It is therefore important to ensure that this information is accurate so that the fiscal result can be determined. Based on the operations of the company, this can lead to a loss, a profit, or a tax charged, or in favor. In the latter case, we may request a return.


To be able to send the declaration in a timely fashion, it is important that you have an electronic signature. This is especially true in cases where the authority is aware of our tax obligations.



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