Trying to Configure IJ Series Printer For Canon Printer

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To setup Canon Printer on any device (computer, phone etc) you require downloading the suitable driver for your Canon printer. This can be done with no trouble by selecting the right printer model before downloading the drivers (Supporting Software).

Process to be follow IJ Canon Printer

  • First, open the Internet browser you often use on your computer.
  • For example, you can use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • After that, look for the address bar in your browser. In other words, check to see if there is a long text field running through the top of this window.
  • Then type “ij start canon” correctly in this address bar. After that, press the “Enter” key on the keyboard. Doing so will take you to the printer driver page.
  • In this window, you can choose to set your preferred language. To do this, click on the language and select the language of your choice from the drop-down list.
  • Just below this option, you will see the icon of “Configuration (start here)”.
  • Therefore, click this icon to continue the Canon printer download process. When you click on it, you will be taken to a new window.
  • Here you must enter your model number.
  • You can enter the model number manually, or you can use the one-click selection option provided in the lower panel of the same page.
  • After entering the model and clicking Enter, the setting instructions for the specific model will appear. Follow the steps indicated on the screen.

Canon IJ Printer Hardware Setup

  • Begin the Canon Printer setup process by carefully taking out the from the Packaging Box. Along with that, ensure that you have removed all the packaging material.
  •  Thereafter, connect your Printer to a Power Source like a wall socket with its Power Cord. Then, press its Power button to turn it “On”.
  • Once this process completes, it requires you to access your Printer’s Control/ Display Panel. Now, complete Setup of its Settings. In other words, select Language; Country/ Region; Self-managed, etc.

(Wireless Setup for – LAN Setup with SSID

  • The wireless settings on are highly dependent on your router and printer infrastructure. However, the following method can be used with most Canon printers.
  • Therefore, please start the process by opening the “Network Access Point” or “Router”.
  • At the same time, make sure it is working properly.
  • In addition, please make sure that your computer is also connected to the same “network”.
  • In addition, please make sure your printer is turned on. You should check your power light. It must be illuminated and kept stable.
  • Now start the canon com/ijsetup process by accessing the “operation panel” of the printer. Your display should show your “Home” window. But if this is not the case.
  • Then check the “Power Saving” button with the “Sleep Mode” icon. just in case.
  • Then press this button to “wake up” the printer.
  • Then press the “Start” button. After that, browse the “Display Panel” to find the “Menu” tab.
  • Then click on it and open the “Menu” window.
  • Next, you must touch the “Preferences” tab to expand it.
  • After that, click “red”. “Login” is required in the next window.
  • Therefore, please provide the printer’s “System Administrator Login ID and PIN/Password”.
  • Then, click the “Login” tab.
  • After that, click on the “Wireless LAN Settings” option to continue to visit canon com/ijsetup.
  • Then click “Yes” to enable wireless LAN. Then read the message that provides detailed information about the wireless LAN options. Then click “OK”. Now, select “SSID Settings” by clicking on it.
  • In other words, what you choose is the “Wireless LAN Settings” that uses the SSID, which is the name of the wireless network.
  • Next, you need to click “Select Access Point” to choose the most convenient canon com/ijsetup method.
  • In other words, your Canon printer will automatically locate and connect to your network.
  • At this point, the printer will start searching for available networks to connect to. Therefore, you will get a list of all available networks (routers) in range.
  • So please choose your “SSID” or “Network/Router Name”. Then click “Next”. After that, it will ask you to confirm your choice. Therefore, click “OK”.
  • Then write down your “network password” very carefully. To do this, use the “up” arrow key to switch between “uppercase” and “lowercase”.
  • In addition, use the “symbol” key to enter the “number” and “symbol”. Finally, click “Apply”. In the next message window, click “Yes” after reading the same content.
  • Therefore, Canon ij settings will connect Canon printers to your network. However, this may take time. Therefore, please wait for the process to complete.
  • On the next “Connected” message screen, click “Close” to exit.
  • Then canon com/ijsetup will automatically set the IP address and other details on your Canon printer. Therefore, please wait a few more minutes.

WPS button settings

  • First, turn on the Canon printer and router to canon com/ijsetup.
  • After that, find the Wifi button of the printer.
  • You can find it on the top of the printer.
  • Now press and hold the button until the alarm light flashes once.
  • When the blue indicator light next to this button starts to flash, go to your network access point, which is your router. Then press the WPS button within 2 minutes.
  • At the same time, when searching the network, the Wi-Fi indicator (blue) on the printer will keep flashing.
  • After that, when connected to the router, both the power light and the Wi-Fi light will flash. After successfully establishing a connection between the printer and the router.
  • Then the WiFi and power lights will light up and stabilize.
  • Later, you must confirm that the printer is connected to the correct network by printing a network configuration page.
  • To do this, please use A4 size plain paper to properly load the printer’s paper tray. Then press and hold the resume/cancel button until the alarm light flashes 15 times.
  • After that, release the button. Therefore, the Canon printer will print its network configuration page. Therefore, please make sure that the details are correct.
  • Your “Connected” status should show as “Active”.
  • In addition, the SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​should correctly display your network name.

Wired Canon IJ Printer setup

  1. In order to begin the canon ij setup process, turn on your Canon Printer and Router.
  2. Now, locate your Printer’s LAN Port at the left-hand backside and remove its Cap. Then, plug in one end of the Ethernet Cable to this port carefully.
  3. After that, plug in the other end of this Ethernet Cable to the LAN Port of your Router.
  4. Next, you should access the Printer’s “Display Panel”. Then, select the “Home” icon to open its “Home” menu window.
  5. Thereafter, select the “Wireless and Network” icon located at the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
  6. Subsequently, select “LAN settings” followed by “Wired LAN” for
  7. Then, select “Wired LAN active/inactive” followed by “Active”.
  8. This will complete the Wired LAN Setup. In order to confirm it, select the “Home” icon to return back to the main window. Here, you will get the “Network” icon at the bottom left-hand corner.

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