Complete Guide To Inflatable Seals

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Designing an inflatable seal can be a cumbersome process. Temperature resistance, chemical resistance and, many other factors are what the manufacturers have to focus on while designing the seals. Even a slight issue can result in leaks that can be hazardous.

What are inflatable seals?

An Inflatable seal is a kind of rubber seal that is inflated and deflated based on the requirements and the width of the gap to be filled. Inner pressure is also applied on the inflatable seals to conform the uneven surfaces and also creates a barrier for any air, dust or, water particles.


A closed ring is made of an elastic material and an air valve is left behind in it to fill the air. Then the inflatable material is kept between the seal and the force. The ring is filled because of the air and a seal is created because of the generated pressure. Once the inflation is removed, the seal is broken and the ring comes back to its original state.


  • Noise protection
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical isolation chambers
  • Food processing equipment
  • Transport technology

Benefits of Inflatable seals:

  • Leakproof- Inflatable seals are far more successful in preventing leaks than sealing materials. Not even a speck of dust can enter the material and this property helps for its usage in deep waters and satellite doors. Regular seals cannot perform under high differential pressures and thus results in leakage.
  • Sealing uneven surfaces- The regular tubes can operate well when the surface is even and smooth, but it is not effective for uneven surfaces. Since the inflation seals are inflated from outside, inside, and, axially hence, they are far better to use than regular seals.
  • Inflation and Deflation- Regular seals do not have the property of inflation and then deflation like the inflatable seals. This property is useful in industries and hence is used in lifting, putting down and, transferring objects from one place to another.
  • Eradicating the need for fabricating tolerances- Since the inflatable seals can be made with any shape or size and have a more powerful grip on the material than the regular seals; it is not required for creating fabrication tolerances.
  • The simplified design of hardware and software- The engineers use software that creates a simplified design of inflatable seals. They import the geometry and material of the seal and body. This program generates all the animation and design of the seals. New designs can be created and evaluated within 30 minutes and hence can create a seal within a fraction of time.

Looking at all the benefits of inflatable seals over regular seals, it can be concluded that the inflatable seals have longer operation value especially in extreme conditions such as differential pressure, high-temperature conditions. Having benefits like these makes inflatable seals applicable in many industries. It is advisable to buy inflatable seals considering the quality and cost-effectiveness. When it comes to purity, it is essential to choose the correct inflatable seal manufacturers to ensure your choice is fulfilling your necessities. 


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