Competitive Exam Pressure? Here Are Some Tips For You To Relax!

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 Exam! The word itself is stressful, right? We all have been in this situation, especially during our school and college days. But as you grow up, there come more challenging exams, which become your life. You believe failing these examinations will ruin your life. Thus, at whatever age you are, you are bound to feel some stress, both before and during an exam. We all have faced such stressful situations in schools and college, and even after.

In competitive exams, the pressure becomes a bit more because competition becomes much more challenging. You are competing among lakhs and lakhs of students, which is challenging as the chance of getting selected for that particular post you are giving becomes difficult too. 

But it is necessary to keep calm before an exam as your stress or nervousness may hurt your concentration. This way, you will get diverted, and you will not perform well in your exam. Stress can affect you in many ways, both physically and mentally. You can face a sudden increase in heartbeat, your hands and feet can go numb or, you can even start to sweat. None of these are at all good signs as these will affect your productivity in turn.

Hence, a student should stay calm and study strategically before the exams. Too much thinking about how your exam and how it will all go will reduce productivity; instead, one should revise well and forget about the results.

Tips to increase concentration before the exam

There are various tried and tested methods to increase your concentration before an exam. These methods help you to reduce stress and prepare well. Some of these methods are:

  • Take expert advice: Experts can help you to decide the right path. Thus, taking your career to new heights. So seek expert help before the examination.
  • Study methodically: It is essential to keep a strategy instead of studying randomly because you need to have the correct information required to crack the exam. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet: You also need to stay fit and have a healthy diet to keep your energy levels high. This will help you to study for more hours without feeling lethargic.

Home décor and color psychology can help you to calm down.

Your surroundings also play a crucial role in your success. Your mindset gets affected by the energy around you. That is why it is significant to take care of your surrounding vibes too. You can make changes to the home decor to increase your concentration. To do so, you can take the help of color psychology and arrange your rooms accordingly by putting warm colors here and there as needed. 


You can also put up suitable paintings on your wall that might have a calming effect on you. There is ample research on this topic. Try to double-check before you put something in your room as it will directly affect your regular life.

Paintings are a popular way of decorating as they add an extra charm to your room and look pretty amazing. When choosing one, choose according to Vastu Shastra. Paintings offer many benefits in terms of finances, mood, health, and opportunity. It is believed that small or big Radha-Krishna wall paintings radiate a positive vibe in the room. 

Bhakti Yoga is said to be the backbone of spirituality. Whether you believe in god or not, spirituality is something everybody seeks for their inner good. Keeping a painting in your study can be massively mood-lifting too. Thus, you should be very careful while choosing one. 

You can clear one wall of your room and put a painting there. This way, a whole wall will radiate a warm, calming vibe, which again will have a soothing effect on you. It can also be a good stress reliever, allowing you to meditate regularly in front of it for ten minutes. It can help you to increase concentration and focus. Both of which are needed for cracking the competitive exam.


When you are trying to achieve something, you need to take off a lot of things. We often neglect everything else and study books. But when we do not achieve results according to our expectations, we blame ourselves for not studying enough. But that is undoubtedly not always the case. Then what? Simple! You need to have an apt surrounding along with proper guidance to achieve your desired results. A fresh and relaxed mind will help you to concentrate more. Hence, you can stay focused and study well.

Know someone who is appearing for competitive exams? Maybe a cousin or a friend? Give them a hug. Let them believe that this is not the end of life. Their effort means a lot! If they succeed, nothing like it, and if they fail, they should not be heartbroken. They have a life ahead, and they would surely be successful in life! 



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