Common Email Problems Faced by GoDaddy Users and their Solutions

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With over 20 million users GoDaddy is a widely used market domain nowadays utilize for TV and Newspapers advertisements. But there are many issues and problems which are faced by GoDaddy users like, GoDaddy email down, spam messages, etc. In this article we will figure out some of the common email problems faced by the users and will provide you solutions for the problems too.

Let’s list out the GoDaddy email problems first :- 

  1. Google not showing the website. 
  2. Lots of Junk Mails in the Inbox.
  3. Error in Sending and Receiving messages.
  4. The Website is Spammed or Hacked. 
  5. Emails getting mark as Spam. 


Now, we will look into each problem one by one and will be trying to solve them. 


This might happen because the resulting websites would not be link well with the search engines like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If some minor mistakes are make while linking the website with the search engines; it will gradually make the website missing on the major search engines like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. WordPress can be utilize for better quality business purposes; also it can be install without any cost i.e. free by GoDaddy. However, constant checking of the website is necessary in order to avoid the website being hacked; Also to prevent the website from getting spamming. 


Spammers use some very common ways to attack your mail like:- 

  1. You used to email to sign in to a not very ethical website. We will advise you to use a free email address to login to websites for marketing purposes or others. 
  2. Spammers might be targeting your contact form which they took from other websites to probe your contact form. And they will use this information to send a number of Junk mails to your email id . 
  3. Your email might be showing publicly on Google or might have been add as text on some website. You can try searching it on Google to find if your email is somewhere on some website or not. 

Now, GoDaddy only provides minimal protection of emails from spam junk mails or from the spammers on the cheaper email accounts. Cyber thieves and Spammers are constantly updating their methods to attack the emails with Junk and Spam mails. Vital Help Desk will help you to protect your email from these junk mails. It has an up to date security system and security practices. 


Error in sending and receiving messages is one of the GoDaddy email issues. A centralized mail system is used by GoDaddy to manage its mail services. There are many advantages and Disadvantages of this system. And these technical errors are easily identify by the Hackers and spammers who use these loopholes to attack the emails and intrude our privacy. GoDaddy’s price allows customers to use its services and also provides a single system for both sending and receiving messages. But to solve this issue of Sending/Receiving mail users can use Vital Help Desk service. It will set up private mail services even with your domain. Let’s look at an example, Vital Help Desk Service’s main purpose is to focus on Security and Reliability for its users and provide them with good  services. 


Typically there are three basic ways which are utilize by the Spammers/Hackers to take advantages of your website and email: 

  1. The most basic is to leave a “Hacked by” page, which is further used by the Hackers-spammers to post any material they want on your website or through your email. 
  2. The older or not updated versions of the emails or websites are easily prone to the attacks of Hackers and spammers. They can even steal the email account and password of the user. 
  3. The most dangerous hack is when the hackers start uploading files and other things from your email or on your websites to run it. 

Now, let’s look at the ways which can be Utilize to protect your mail and website. 

  • First and the most basic thing is to get several layers of security systems to protect your website. Use a premium firewall to protect your web and email server. 
  • Have an SSL certificate installed in your email server and website. This will enable encrypting whenever you sign into your account and will hide your information’s from the hackers and spammers. 
  • Up to date servers like WordPress software can be Utilize to protect your mail and website. This will prevent your web or mail from being misuse by the hackers.  

For more information regarding the GoDaddy emails or GoDaddy email not working, visiting Emails Crunch will be quite helpful for you.


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