Close Coupled Toilet – A Simple Design with Modern Features

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Close Coupled Toilet – A Simple Design with Modern Features

The close coupled toilet is among the most popular design in the UK. Toilets are an essential piece of utility in every bathroom. Over time, the focus of users shifts from utility to aesthetics. And the toilet is not separate from it. Today you can find all types of luxurious, standard, and designer toilets in the market. There is so much variety and variation available that anyone may get confused about which toilet they should install. Generally, you will have to choose from wall hung, close-coupled, and BTW styles. That can be available in many different types. 

This article will provide you basic information about the close couple toilet so you can decide whether it’s a good option for you.

What is a Close Coupled Toilet?

Close Coupled Toilet

When we say close coupled toilet is a most popular design, we all are almost familiar with it.  It is what we see in most places everywhere. Historically, it was an upgraded version of vintage high- and low-level styles. With time more and more innovation has been introduced, leading us to the current version. When it was first introduced, there were no other styles available. Therefore, it was the only choice with easy to fit and use that gained huge popularity. 

It is simply a toilet pan that joins closely to the cistern making it one unit. It has a simple working mechanism and pretty easier to install. The manufacturer has focused on its aesthetics and features to find it in different colors and shapes ranging from round or square, etc. 


Why Choose Close Coupled Toilet

There are many reasons to choose this type of toilet. 

Highly Durable.  

Due to the fact that cistern and pan are joins together, it is durable as compared to other styles. The cistern is easily accessible so, in case of any problems, you can easily correct it. In addition, thanks to its body structure, it is sturdy and does not damage that quickly compared to its counterparts. 

Easy Installation. 

This type of toilet has a very simple working mechanism with only two parts to fix. If you have its modern version, it becomes even easier to install it yourself. You only need to fix the pan on the p trap and seal it while the cistern is already attached to it. 


Modern version Close Coupled Toilet styles are available in various designs. That features a curved round shape body, to sharp square lines to help you achieve look as per your requirements. So, in other words, it can fit with any décor, preference, and style. 

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance. 

This type of toilet is easier to clean and maintain. Generally, you don’t get problem with it too often. Even if you get a minor problem, you can solve it quickly due to the easily accessible cistern. That is different from a wall-hung style that has a cistern in the wall. In addition to that, modern versions are made with glossy ceramics that you can clean quickly. 

Added Modern Features.

The latest version of this toilet is loaded with modern features like rimless design and a dual flush system. The rimless design makes it easier to clean as the pan doesn’t have any hard-to-access corners. So, cleaning becomes easier, which was not the case for a traditional design. In addition to that dual flush system allows you to save water by giving you a choice to opt for water quantity to flush. 

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