Best Tricks For Cleaning Makeup Brushes At Home

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Here are a few of my favorite tricks for clean makeup brushes at home . If you use the proper products and procedures, makeup brushes can last a lifetime. However, if you don’t do your best to care for them, they can fall apart or become damaged. Below is a list of the best tricks for cleaning makeup brushes fast.

Dry Your Brushes Properly:

First, make sure you dry your brushes completely after each use. This will help to prevent mineral deposits from building up over time. Also, make sure you clean them in the proper manner. You don’t want to use any abrasive substances when you are cleaning your make up brushes.

Second, you need to be certain that you rinse your brushes thoroughly. Many people simply throw their brushes into a large sink full of water and run some warm water through it. While this can work, it will also likely damage the bristles. Instead, you should run hot water through a combination of water and a small amount of liquid detergent. Make sure that you use the right type of liquid detergent and make sure you rinse the brushes thoroughly.

Mineral Make Up Brushes Soak Up Water:

Third, to avoid damage, you should never let mineral make up brushes soak up water. If you put your brushes in a sink that has water in it, mineral deposits can be formed. As an added note, make sure that you never throw your brushes into your bathtub. Even if the water is cold, mineral deposits can still be formed in water. Always throw your brushes in a separate basin full of cold water.

Fourth, you should always make sure that you never put your brushes in a dishwasher. I would highly recommend you never put any make up brushes in a dishwasher. The two main problems with dishwashers are that they tend to overheat the brushes and they usually have a high number of plastic particles in them. The second problem is that dishwashers do not provide enough air flow to effectively get your brushes clean.

Never Use These Things:

Fifth, you should never put make up brushes in a washing machine. First of all, washing them would probably damage them beyond repair. Second, washing them will make them much less likely to lather up and will also cause them to lose their shape and luster. Washing your brushes in a washing machine will also make them much more likely to get stuck in the spin tub. This will lead to a lot of extra work trying to get your brushes out.

Sixth, you should never use hot water to wash clean makeup brushes at home. Hot water will actually cause your brushes to swell up and become even more sticky. This will make it much harder for them to glide over your skin. Instead, use cool water to wash your brushes.

Keep Your Brushes Clean And Sooth Their Bristles:

Seventh, you should never use detergents to clean your brushes. Detergent is harsh on your skin and can cause many problems. Using a liquid cleanser, like baking soda, is a much better idea. You can even use plain water and mix it with some baking soda to make sure you get the cleansing properties that you want. Finally, make sure you never dry your brushes with any paper towels. The rubbing action of dry paper towels against your brushes can cause bristles to break and lose their shape.

So now that you know how not to take apart your brushes, let’s look at some ways to clean them. First of all, always throw your wet brushes into the rinse water first. This will help to remove any excess water, which will keep your brushes clean and sooth their bristles. Next, you should rinse off the soap from your clean makeup brushes at home with cool water.

Useful Tips For Cleaning Makeup Brushes:

The last thing you should do is to rinse off the soap off your brush with cold water. Make sure you only run a very short bath or shower. If you are washing a full brush, you may want to use the sink as your solution. Make sure you rinse your brush under cold running water until you are almost completely dry. Once you are completely dry, you can put your brush away and make sure you follow these easy tips.

Hopefully, this short article has given you some useful tips for cleaning makeup brushes. I hope you have many more tricks up your sleeve for keeping your brushes clean. Be careful what products you use on your brushes, as there are a lot of harsh chemicals out there that could damage your brushes. Also, be careful that you don’t apply too much product. Keeping your brushes clean is very important.



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