Chopta Tungnath Trek Uttarakhand, India

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Starting Point of Chopta Tungnath Trek Uttarakhand

Chopta (Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand), a small tourist village at 2600m, is the last road-head for the trek towards Tungnath Temple and Chandrashila peak. It is a popular weekend getaway from Delhi and other parts of North India due to its distance and nature. This guide aims to make it as simple as possible for potential travelers.

How do you reach Tungnath from Chopta?

Chopta is in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. It lies on the Ukhimath-Choli-Gopeshwar road. The distance between Chopta and Haridwar is approximately 225 km, while the distance from Ukhimath is approximately 29 km. Let me begin from Delhi to simplify the journey. Chopta is situated at an elevation of approximately. 2650m

Lunch view at a Chopta dhaba. The weather was cold in April after a sudden hailstorm.
Distance from Delhi to Haridwar: 225 km. Regular buses run from ISBT Kashmere Gate and Anand Vihar ISBT. The distance can be covered in 5-6 hours. There are three types of buses that run from Delhi to Haridwar: normal buses, Janrath buses, and Volvo buses. You should take either a 10 AM or 10:30 PM bus to reach Haridwar bus station at 4 AM.

Haridwar to Chopta: It is possible to get lost at the bus stop when you arrive in Haridwar at around 4 or 5. Without a reliable information channel, nobody will deny the existence of a bus or tell you where it is going.

My experience has taught me that you should not waste your time at the Haridwar bus stop. The earliest buses to Chopta depart from the GMOU bus stop (pronounced geemu) which is 500m away from the main Haridwar bus station on the left after you have exited the gates. GMO stands for Garhwal Mandal Bus Operators Organization. The GMOU bus stand can be found on the opposite side of the Railway Godown.

The final turn before Chopta sees the Rhododendrons blooming. Locals believe that the best time to view these rhododendrons pink is between mid-April and mid-May.
Kund is where the road splits. A left here leads to Guptkashi (Kedarnath route), and a straight road to Ukhimath. From Ukhimath, Chopta is approximately 29 km away. To reach Chopta, I recommend you to reach Kund.

Forest ecoresort is the Best hotels in chopta Uttarakhand.

Kund and Ukhimath will not be served by direct buses. You will need to take one of these GMOU buses:

03:15 AM – Joshimath (Get to Rudraprayag), and then change buses. 05:00 AM – Badrinath, (Get to Rudraprayag), and then change buses. 05:15 AM – Gaurikund (Get down in Kund), shared sumo 07.45 & 08:00 AM – Joshimath and Badrinath(Rudraprayag), and then change buses
Clouds can often obscure the view of mountains during the later part of the day. This is the first sight you see after beginning the trek to Tungnath.
Route from Haridwar, Chopta

Haridwar (24kms), Rishikesh (70kms), Devprayag (34kms), Srinagar (33kms), Rudraprayag (33kms), Rudraprayag ((19kms), Agastyamuni ( (10kms), Kund ( (6kms), Ukhimath (22kms), Duggalbitta ((7)kms), Chopta

The bus stops at a Dhaba located at 3 Dhara, near Devprayag. So that you can eat at Chopta, make sure to have plenty of aloo paranthas. The bus covers the distance between Haridwar and Kund (300 Rs.). In 7 hours. At Kund, at 12:30 pm, shared taxis (sumos) will be available for Ukhimath (20 R.). Then, take a shared cab (sumo) from Kund to Ukhimath (20 Rs.). Depending on your luck with shared transportation, you should reach Chopta around 2 or 3. Chopta can be found on the Ukhimath-Gopeshwar route. Mandal village is approximately 24 km away from Chopta. It is beautiful and scenic.

Accommodation options such as camps, tents, and small homestays begin to appear once you reach Duggalbitta. The best way to travel by public transport is to descend to Chopta (where you will find trek stairs leading to Tungnath temple). This road is used by Ukhimath-Gopeshwar buses during summer. It is also possible to travel to Chopta via bus. According to locals, buses operate twice daily. There are many shared taxis that run from Ukhimath and Chopta, and they operate from morning until at least five in the evening.

Where can I stay in Chopta ?
You can stay in a variety of guest houses or homestays at Chopta. Prices range from 100 Rupees per person to 500 Rupees to rent a four-bedroom with an attached bathroom and a private bathroom to as low as 100 Rupees. Although some of these are called ‘hotels’, you shouldn’t expect luxury. Duggalbitta lies approximately 5 km from Chopta. There are also several well-located camping resorts along the side of Chopta (approx. 1500 Rs. Per tent In addition to offering dormitory-style services, dhaba owners can also be found on the street.

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A relaxing walk in Chopta is a great way to feel warm and fuzzy.
You can also camp in tents nearby Chopta, right before the Tungnath temple trekking point. If you want to experience camping, tents can be set up in green meadows. It is possible to find accommodation in Chopta or nearby depending on the weather and weekend crowds.

If accommodation at Chopta is full, you can travel 3kms further on the Gopeshwar route to find other options. In an area called Balkan, there are 4-5 guesthouses. It is located on the road to Mandal. This area is a great place to relax and get away from the crowds. To ensure that, you find a suitable place to stay, it is important to get there as soon as possible. After paying a fee to the locals, your tent can be pitched in a safe area.

As seen from this vantage, Tungnath Temple towers over the Himalayas.
The best time to view the Tungnath-Chandrashila trek is around 3:00 in the afternoon. From there, you can start trekking towards Tungnath. The path eventually reaches a lush green meadow with a circle of snowy peaks and 3-4 stone dhabas within 45 minutes. These dhabas offer basic accommodation for between 100 and 150 Rs. Per head

Extremely fit trekkers can reach Tungnath, where they will find simple accommodation options in the form of guest houses. Legendary sunrise views from Chandrashila Top are renowned. Tungnath is a good place to stay to allow you to reach Chandrashila Top before sunrise. Otherwise, it can be difficult to trek from Chopta to reach Chandrashila at sunrise.

En route: You have various options for lodging in Ukhimath and Kund, Srinagar, Rudraprayag, and Srinagar. 500 Rupees was the price I paid for a hotel in Ukhimath.

Omkareshwar Temple, which is also known as Madhyamaheshwar Temple’s winter home, is where you should be if you’re staying in Ukhimath. The winter months are when the deities of these temples move to Ukhimath. This temple is vibrant, and it is well worth visiting.

The best camping spot along the trail from Chopta and Tungnath. These meadows are located just before the dhabas. You can start trekking from Chopta in 45 minutes.

best Recommended Hotels in chopta Uttarakhand

Trekking from Chopta and Tungnath
The trek to Chopta starts right at the road and is surrounded by many guest houses and dhabas. The trek is well-marked and properly paved until Tungnath. As soon as the trek begins, trees greet visitors. On the left side, you can see endless peaks of snow. You don’t need a guide for the entire trek from Chopta, Tungnath, and Chandrashila.

The beautiful meadows are visible around 45 minutes after you start the trek. They may be the most popular camping spot along the trail. You will find 3-4 dhabas that offer tea, coffee, and food. They can also be used as shelters at night. These dhabas can also be helpful in an emergency situation or for those who need help.

Chopta is a popular destination for beginners because of its easy gradient and well-marked trail.
This point is the trail’s starting point. The trail then continues to climb steadily, gaining altitude. The trail has a few spots where you can relax and take in the stunning views of the snowy peaks. On the slopes close to Tungnath Temple, you can see the colorful Monal, the state bird in Uttarakhand.

As you climb to Tungnath, the tree cover begins to give way. It can get very hot when the sun shines brightly. You should bring plenty of water for the trek. For beginners, it’s important to remember that it isn’t a race. Everyone has their own pace, so take it slow and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

It takes approximately 2.30 hours to trek from Chopta to Tungnath.

Chopta Tungnath trek uttarakhand, India

Just before reaching Tungnath Temple, there are a few Dhabas and a cluster of buildings. For a small fee, you can get tea, coffee, and food here. There are also basic accommodations options.
Tungnath, at 3680m above sea level, is the highest Shiva Temple on the planet. It is also one of the Panch Kedar Shrines. It is thought to be over 1000 years old. The temple is closed in winter, and the deity is moved to Mukku village. Tungnath temple is open to pilgrims during the summer, around the end of April, and closes down in November.

A small detour is made to Ravanshila, a mountain about ten minutes from Tungnath. This is where Ravana, the demon king, meditated to please Lord Shiva. Ravanshila offers panoramic views of the valley. You can ask locals and dabbawallahs for information about Ravanshila’s exact location.

Even in April, there is still snow at the Tungnath temple complex
Trekking from Tungnath Temple towards Chandrashila
Trekking back to Tungnath and Chopta

It will take you half as long to descend than it takes to ascend. This will make the downhill journey a lot easier. You can easily descend from Chandrashila towards Tungnath in less than 20 minutes. A leisurely stroll back along the meadows between Tungnath and Chopta takes around an hour and a quarter if you are not in a hurry.

Beware of the selfie craze. A slip here or there could land you in hell. or heaven.
Option of Sari-Deoriatal (Devariyatal).
If you are coming from Ukhimath, there is a cut-off for Sari village. Distance from Ukhimath village to Sari village: 13 km The road to Sari splits at the ‘Hanumant Inn Resorts’; the straight road will continue to Chopta, and left from there will take you to the beautiful Sari village. Sari village is just 3kms from Hanumant Inn Resorts’ left turnoff. You can either walk the distance or take a shared taxi or hitch a ride on a bicycle. Sari village’s residents are very helpful and will stop to help anyone, even if they’re on a bicycle.

Legend of the Sites of Paanch Kedar

Shiva took the form of a bull to escape the Pandavas when he ran into the ground. Kedarnath temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s hump, is the most well-known Paanch Kedar Shrine. Other Paanch Kedar sites include Tungnath and Madyamaheshwar and Rudranath. Lord Shiva’s arms can be worshipped at the Tungnath temple.

Chandrashila Top’s crazy winds blow prayer flags.
Important facts and recommendations

The best time to visit Chopta and trek towards Tungnath & Chandrashila for rhododendron blooms is in the middle of March/April/early May. The whole landscape is surrounded by pink flowers. You can also do this trek in the monsoon months of June to August, provided you keep an eye on weather conditions and forecasts. For the stunning views of the Himalayan mountain ranges, September to November is the best month to trek to Tungnath and Chandrashila. Clear views of snowy peaks can be seen during this period.

Due to the snow on roads, December and March can prove difficult to reach Chopta. Although technically the trek can still be done during winter, the guest houses and dhabas at Duggalbita or Chopta will not be open. If you are planning to trek to Chopta Tungnath in winter, it is a good idea to hire the services of a travel agency or trek operator. It is easier to trek once the snow starts melting in February.

To reach Chandrashila, you will need to walk through snow.
Winters can cause the road to Chopta to be closed because of snow near Duggalbitta. You may have to trek to get to Chopta. If you are planning to snow-trek to Chopta or Tungnath, hiring a guide is a good idea. If you’re not an experienced trekker, trekking to Chandrashila in winter can be difficult. It is better to be safe than sorry.

It is recommended that you buy rhododendron liquid at any Chopta/Ukhimath shop during the rhododendron blooming season. Although there is no electricity in Chopta, most guesthouses have solar-powered lights. Even phones can be charged with this. There are many shortcuts that can be used on the trek. Some of these can be taken on the return journey from Tungnath to Chopta.

Tungnath’s quaint little hotel!
Amazing views from the Deoriatal-Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila trek offer breathtaking views of the Chaukhambha-massif, including views of Neelkanth or other peaks.

It can get very cold in Chopta Tungnath, Chandrashila, and Chandrashila. Even in summer, temperatures can drop to -10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is a good idea to bring heavy woolens throughout the year. To keep warm from the chill winds blowing on the trek, wear comfortable headgear. The entire stretch of the trek from Chopta to Tungnath is not covered by phone networks. Airtel had no tower in Chopta, while Vodafone had one dot and no Internet. Locals were using BSNL to access the internet in Chopta. It is safer to make important calls from Ukhimath.

This thali will set you back around 80 Rupees per head and includes unlimited rotis or rice.
Chopra has a lot of water, as the government has laid pipelines. To avoid unpleasant situations, there are no menus at the Chopta dhabas or eateries. It is best to inquire about the price of the food before you order. Keep plenty of water on your trek, and don’t empty it before reaching Tungnath. You should bring some candy along, as it can help prevent your throat from drying out on the uphill climbs. It is best to choose a reasonable restaurant as the dhaba men near the Chopta trek start have begun charging outrageous amounts for breakfast (update: March 2018).

There are three to four general stores in Chopta. To recharge your electronic devices, it is a good idea to have a power bank with you. ATMs are available along the route in Rudraprayag Srinagar, Ukhimath, and Srinagar. However, it is recommended to have sufficient cash. You should try to keep as much weight as you can in your backpack and leave any extra stuff at Chopta, the Guesthouse where you are staying.

The Chopta-to-Tungnath Trek is beautiful in pink… Rhododendron blossoms add charm to the trek.
The cost of a Janrath AC ticket from Delhi to Haridwar and back is Rs. 800/- GMOU Bus from Haridwar, Ukhimath & Back – Rs. 600/- Taxis shared Ukhimath to Sari/Chopta – Rs. 200/- Stay at Sari/Chopta/Tungnath/Ukhimath- Rs. 250 per person/day Food: 300 Rupees per individual per day.

For a 3-day trip, expenses could be estimated at between 2500-3500 Rupees per head.

As responsible trekkers and travelers, please ensure that you do not litter the area and keep it clean.

Great valley view halfway back. The descent can be covered in a relaxed fashion to enjoy as much as the scenery.
Bus connections from Chopta/Rishikesh to Ukhimath.

Every day, a single bus runs from Gopeshwar through Chopta. It crosses Chopta at 2 pm. Locals say that this bus service is irregular and prefer to travel to Ukhimath via shared sumo. The cost of a shared taxi from Chopta to Ukhimath is around 50 Rupees.

The rhododendron flowers in detail They make a delicious local juice called “buransh Ka Sherbet”.
The earliest bus from Ukhimath and Haridwar is a GMOU, which departs at 05:30 and reaches Rishikesh around 11:30 and Haridwar around 12:30. The majority of buses to Haridwar/Rishikesh/Dehradun depart from Ukhimath during the morning hours. Locals informed me that Haridwar’s last bus leaves at approximately 1 or 2.

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The Chopta Chandrashila Tugnath trek has many mountain slopes with plenty of greenery. These are great places to set up camp and pitch a tent.
Plan your trek
If the Ukhimath transport link works, it is likely that one will arrive at Chopta around 2 or 3 pm. The average time it takes to trek from Chopta to Tungnath Temple is 3 hours, while Tungnath to Chandrashila takes approximately 1 hour. This trek can be considered easy depending on the difficulty and is ideal for first-time trekkers.

Many people spend the night at Chopta and then hike for a day to Tungnath or Chandrashila. They return the next day. You can do it if you leave early, say at 7 a.m. Tungnath is best reached by 10 o’clock in the morning. Pay your respects at Tungnath’s temple, and then enjoy the beautiful scenery. Continue onward to Chandrashila and return by 1 pm. Start the return walk to Chopta by eating lunch at one of the dhabas along the trail or near Tungnath temple. You’ll find that the return trip takes half as long as it did while hiking up. Therefore, you can reach Chopta in just 2 hours from Chandrashila.

You can enjoy these views from Chandrashila Top if you plan it well.

Slow and steady is always the best friend

Most of you reading this will be urban dwellers, so a sedentary lifestyle has put us in a poor health position. Keep it simple, don’t put too much weight on your back, and take small steps on the trek. Let your mind be free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can make friends with strangers, and you can keep the trails and surrounding areas clean.
This signboard beautifully describes the message: “Stop and See – Nature’s Bounty!”
Please let me know if I have missed any details in my detailed travel guide to Chopta.


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