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Advantages and Disadvantages of Call Transcription
Call transcription is one of the most in-demand services these days especially after the pandemic when businesses have transitioned online and communications have been taking place on audio, video call services like skype, zoom, Whatsapp, etc. To preserve these important online conversations, businesses opt for call transcription services.

Before we get into the advantages and disadvantages of call transcription, I would like to brief you a little about what call transcription is.

What is Call Transcription?
Call transcription is the service of converting all your audio and video calls into text files which can be useful in many ways. There are many call transcription services providers out there in the market who offer their services at the best of rates.

Types of call transcription services:
Call transcription services are usually done by two means, the first is the standard human transcription method in which a transcriptionist will listen to your live or recorded calls and transcribe them into text files. On the other hand, we have automated call transcription which is achieved when your live or recorded audio files are uploaded on AI-powered transcription software, and that software in no time provides you the text file of your audio. While there’s no comparison of the accuracy of human transcription, Automated transcription has no parallel when it comes down to turnaround time.

How to choose the right call transcription service
When looking for call transcription services out there, try to look for three important factors which are essential to consider to make the right choice for you These three factors are accuracy or call transcription service, the rates, and last but not least the time in which the call transcription text file is delivered to you after you place your order.

Advantages of Call Transcription services:
Call transcription can offer immense benefits to you. It offers numerous advantages and adds value to your conversations in many ways,
● Call transcription allows you to preserve all your important conversations in text files.
● Apart from that, call transcription saves your important information shared in conversations from loss which human memory is at good odds of forgetting.
● Another advantageous use of transcription is in academia, where call transcription is used to provide the text format of online lectures which can be referred to as notes by the students.
● Call transcription is very beneficial in legal matters as well as for research purposes.
Disadvantages of Call Transcription services:
Everything comes with its own pros and cons and call transcription is no exception in that regard. After highlighting some of the advantages. Let’s take a look at the few disadvantages call transcription has.
● Usually, call transcription contracts are short-term which brings along with it the hassle of going through the entire process, again and again, every time you have to get your call transcribed.
● Call transcription can be a little time taking especially when you opt for human transcription services.
● You may subdue the challenge of turnaround tie with human call transcription with automated call transcription, but with that, the precise accuracy is compromised.


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