Buying an Old House? Brighten It Up With These Cool Handmade Decorations

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Buying a house for your family’s needs is a wise decision. Whether you prefer buying a new or old home, it is practical to know the advantages and disadvantages of both.

An old home may not be as energy-efficient as the newly constructed house, but this can save you a buck. Likewise, houses built many years ago are solid and sturdy because it is made from hardwood.

You can try these cool handmade decorations that will add colors to your old house.

Wall or Ceiling Hanging Craft Ideas

Unleash the creativity in you and try making DIY wall-hanging decorations that will brighten up your room. You can use scraps like old boxes, tins, bulbs, and clothes. Have fun and enjoy while making this craft. Don’t forget to add roman blinds that will add color to your room.

You can turn your old bulbs into a hanging vase using glue and twine. Add fresh flowers to make the room lively.

You can paint your old tin cans to make them anew and punch holes to create a design. Place a bulb inside and you can hang it on your porch to create a disco light. To avoid distractions on your neighbor, put on Roman blinds when you switch on your hanging tin lights.

Photo Frames

Your pictures, especially that memorable one, need to be displayed in your living or bedroom. You can use wood and glass to make your photo frames.

You can also use cardboard and styrofoam as a base to display your favorite quotes or photos. Decorating your old house does need not be too expensive.

Likewise, choose the right color for the Roman blinds that will complement your room’s motif.

Glass Lantern

Do you want to sleep with lights on or lights off? Or do you prefer sleeping with a dim light? Then, search for an old mason jar or glass bottle in your storage room and transform it as a glass lantern. You can put it on your bedside table to make your nap comfortable.

Plus, put on those versatile and durable blinds to create a good night’s sleep. Try the Roman blinds because they come in various designs and colors that will suit your personality.

Handmade Rug

Making a colorful rug from your old clothes will bring colors to your old house. This may take you too long to finish, but the result is worth it. Make sure the color of your rugs coincides with the color of your roman blinds.

Wooden Crates

Transform your old wooden crates into beautiful organizers for your small pieces of stuff. Paint it with the same color as your Roman blinds to not distort the color combination of your room.

You can choose pastel colors that will surely brighten up your room. Aside from that, you can have cute storage to make your room well-organized and tidy. You can also put varnish to have a classy yet woody ambiance in your room.

Twigs and Wood Decor

Did you know that nature has a lot of decoration ideas for your home? Bring in those twigs near you and add varnish or paint to create fantastic wood decor. Try the jungle leaf pattern roman blinds to bring nature closer to you.

You can put twigs into your vase or make a hanging wall decor made from wood and twigs. Hang it in your bedroom or living room to display your own work. Put your imagination and creativity to the highest level so you can create a beautiful wood decor.  You can search for videos to help you visualize your work.

Collections Corner

Are you one of those who love to collect items as memorabilia? Do you collect ref magnets or keychains too? Make a display corner for your items and have them visible to everyone. This will also add decorations to your old house.

Choose the correct pattern of roman blinds that will go along well with your collections.


The model and design of the old house may not comply with the new trend, but you can still remodel the home to complement it with a touch of modernity and elegance.

Adding home decorations is not expensive if you upcycle all those scraps around your home. Have fun doing these handmade decorations. You can watch video tutorials if you don’t know how to DIY.


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